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The Club Aboru/Middelburg SV (AMSV)

Aboru/Middelburg SV is one of the clubs from Middelburg, Netherlands. AMSV was founded in the summer of 2008 by Marco Rooselaar. The club name consists of the places Aboru (Moluccas) and Middelburg (Netherlands). SV stands for Sport Vereniging, that's the Dutch name for Sports Club, and the official abbreviated name of the club is AMSV.

Youth Squad

AMSV's Youth Squad is called AMSV2. Youth players who made the first team are: - Bobbie van Reeuwijk - Orlando Reijnders - Wouter Elzer - Guillaume Arkestijn - Kasimir Hesseling - Johan Rus - Kris Querido - Beau Geraedts - Dries Rietman - Jeffrey Hoving - Levi Hamer - Aldo van de Korput - Stan de Roos


Toorenvliedt Park is the name of the stadium where AMSV plays its home matches. Capacity of the Stadium during the first match was 12,000. As more supporters wanted to visit home games of the club, the board was forced to expand the stadium in stages to a capacity of 22.458. The current capacity is now 27.085.

The stadium where the Youth squad play the home matches is Sportpark Du Neven.


Aboru/Middelburg SV has won 2 championships. It became on 21-09-2008 the champions of IX.1062. [1] And on 09-11-2014, they became champions of VII.804. [2]


AMSV participated in several Cup Tournaments. Including it's own "Toorenvliedt Park Trophee". In the KNVB Beker AMSV managed only 2 times to reach the second round and in season 43 AMSV reached the third round.

It reached the 4th round in the VII Division Cup and the third round of the Sapphire Cup VII.

Also in the Zeeuwse Cup AMSV was never successful. The best results in the Zeeuwse Cup were reaching the second round and recently the third round.

The first edition of the Toorenvliedt Park Trophee was won by AMSV itsef.


An AMSV player managed to become topscorer with 12 goals in season 27. [3]

AMSV established a club record by winning seven games in a row and without getting one single goal against. The record in season 45 was winning 9 matches in a row.


AMSV has participated in these tournaments: Zeeuwse Cup and The Zeeland Leaugue. Zeeuwse Cup is a tournament for people from Zeeland and people who are linked to Zeeland. Matchdays are on wednesdays. Zeeland League was an initiative of AMSV and Scheldevogels to create a mini competition. The teams that participated in this mini competition were Scheldevogels, Divoormekaar FC, Roccie Boys and AMSV.


The AMSV hardcore supporters are called the MB-G's (Middelburg Gangstas or Gangsters) and they have a good reputation.