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This team is active since septembre 18th 2005. The manager is oldtrafford.

The team results are:

Season 14: 3rd in IX.758

Season 15: 1st in IX.758 with promotion to VII (because of cleaning of bot-teams from IX to VII)

Season 16: 5th in VII.772

Season 17: 2nd in VII.772 with promotion

Season 18: 5th in VI.263

Season 19: 2nd in VI.263

Season 20: 3rd in VI.263

Season 21: 2nd in VI.263

Season 22: 1st in VI.263 with promotion

Season 23: 3rd in V.239

Season 24: 1st in V.239

Season 25: 5th in V.239

Season 26: 1st in V.239

Season 27: 1st in V.239

Season 28: 1st in V.239 with promotion

Season 29: 3rd in IV.64

Season 30: 5th in IV.64

Season 31: 1st in V.252 with promotion

Season 32: 3rd in IV.26

Season 33: 2nd in IV.26

Season 34: 2nd in IV.26

Season 35: ? in IV.26


Acts United Arena website

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