Albanian elections for U-21 World Cup 2

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The Albanian elections for U-21 World Cup 2 final results. The winner will lead U-21 team during the second U-21 Europe Cup hosted by x and U-21 World Cup 2 hosted by x .

Place Manager Votes
1 ts94_ 75
2 Sendmelocation 66
3 ufukrobben 0

Candidate speech

Hello everyone!

All started with last under21 elections. It was a hopeless election for me and sure I didn't expect to start a very nice experience in your country.

With the possibility and the help that coach Lekani gave me, I started to follow the new generations. There is a database for u21 players and one for u17 too, with over 400 players monitored.

Some of you received mails from me and from my scouts. We did a great work and with your support we can do more!

Vote ts94_