Alpen Cup

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Alpen Cup (3186460)
Founded by: Switzerland Gruebehund
Founding date: 07-05-2018
Seasons: 11 editions
Number of participants: 64 teams

The Alpen Cup (Arpitan: Copa des Ârpes, Italian: Coppa delle Alpi, English: Cup of the Alps, French: Coupe des Alpes) is an open international friendly football tournament organised in Switzerland. In some years, the competition has featured club or invitational teams as well as international sides.


The Alpen Cup (3186460) is an international friendly football tournament organised in Switzerland by the Bernese manager Gruebehund, mainly for the reason that the majority of the Alps are in Switzerland. The tournament was founded in global season 69. The first Alpen Cup took place on May 7th, 2018, and has been held every season since.


  • 64 teams
  • 16 groups

List of finals

Edition Winner Score Runner-up
1st Edition Czech Republic Lume Star 4 - 2 Faroe Islands Cavalieri di Thule
2nd Edition Poland SocceroS Żory 3 - 0 Romania Universitatea Craiova FC
3rd Edition Cape Verde Die Mensch-Maschine 3 - 1 Romania FC PoliTimisoara
4th Edition Jamaica Xaymaca United 4 - 2 England Jasiu Hotspur
5td Edition England Jasiu Hotspur 2 - 1 Poland Rożyńsk Wielki
6th Edition England Jasiu Hotspur 4 - 0 Taiwan Wang Snee Wang Pang
7td Edition Poland Rożyńsk Wielki 4 - 1 Switzerland Santa Barbosa AluDosa
8th Edition Taiwan Wang Snee Wang Pang 4 - 0 England Jasiu Hotspur
9td Edition Poland FC Thunder 4 - 0 Uzbekistan Huragan Mazowiecki
10th Edition Switzerland Santa Barbosa AluDosa 2 - 0 Switzerland The Mighty Basilisks
11th Edition Poland FC Thunder 7 - 6 England Jasiu Hotspur
12th Edition Poland FC Thunder 2 - 0 France Tweezers
13th Edition Poland FC Thunder 2 - 1 Austria LAZ Nord