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Aluemestareiden Cup (Regional Champions' Cup, abbr. AMC) is a cup for champions of Finnish regional cups. It has been organized by Suomen Aluefederaatioiden Liitto (Finnish Regional Federations Union, SAFL) every season since season 24. Only one team per region is accepted namely that which has won that regions official cup with the exception of the winning region of the previous AMC, which can name also the previous AMC-winner to defend the cup. Official cups are organized by those regional federations which are approved by SAFL. On season 41 AMC will be played for the 18th time.

Many regional federations organize their Regional Cups which authorize the winners of those cups to participate AMC as an internal cup. This may be considered somewhat unfair against the non-supporters.


Translated roughly from the rules found in Suomen Aluefederaatioiden Liitto's federation rules. The seasonally varying parts are encased with square brackets and written in italic.

  1. Aluemestareiden Cup (AMC) is always a Cup. Divisions or other similar systems are not allowed. AMC will be played according to a fixed schedule, which will be alloted at least a week before the first round. The duration of AMC is 4 to 5 rounds according to the number of participating teams. On Season [X] AMC will begin on [weekday d.m.YYYY].
  2. A team participating in AMC must have won a Cup organized by corresponding Regional Federation on the previous season. The participating team can be replaced with a reserve team (the runner-up of the regional cup from previous season), if the participating team is still in Suomen Cup. Exceptions to this rule are handled in Suomen Aluefederaatioiden Liitto.
  3. The reigning AMC-champion has the right to defend the championship, so the organizing region has two participating teams.
  4. Challenging will be done by the home team, so that the challenge is sent before sunday at 20.00 (HT-time). In any other case the winner will be decided in Suomen Aluefederaatioden Liitto.
  5. All matches must be played with cup rules to sort out the winner. If teams have agreed to play the match with normal rules and the match is a draw, the winner will be decided by a coin.
  6. All the matches on season [X] will be played in stadiums in [previous winner's region]. The home team can choose the stadium freely as long as it is in [previous winner's region]. Exceptionally to matches involving a team from the orginizing region ([previous winner's region]) are played on neutral grounds.
    The final will be played on the reigning champion [previous winner]'s home stadium.
  7. The region of the winning team has the responsibility to organize the next AMC.

Previous Winners

Pohjois-Savo (North-Savo) and Etelä-Savo (South-Savo) regions have usually had a mutual representative in AMC. Therefore both regions are referred as Savo.

In the table (to be done) below: AMC, season, winner, region team presented in the cup (might be different than team's real region), a link to the discussion on Hattrick forums

Most Succesful Regions

Region Wins Runner-ups
1. Pohjois-Pohjanmaa 29 32 33 34 30 34 36
2. Savo 26 27 28 41 28 33
3. Kainuu 35 36 37 38 39
4. Vantaa 42 43 27 38
5. Keski-Suomi 25 30 35
6. Pirkanmaa 39 40 40
7. Turku 24 25 31 32 43
8. Varsinais-Suomi 44 37 41
9. Lappi 31 42
10. Satakunta 26
11. Espoo 29


Season Winner Score Runner-up
24 Tekniikka FC (Turku) ? ?
25 KIVA (Keski-Suomi) 2 - 1 Tekniikka FC (Turku)
26 Hauva, Ilmapallo ja Vaahtokarkkeja (Savo) 5 - 4 a.e.t. FC V-83 (Satakunta)
27 Hauva, Ilmapallo ja Vaahtokarkkeja (Savo) 4 - 0
Mc Tattila (Vantaa)
28 PalloSalamat (Savo) 7 - 0 Hauva, Ilmapallo ja Vaahtokarkkeja (Savo)
29 FC Perävainio (Pohjois-Pohjanmaa) 5 - 1 Olarin peipparit (Espoo)
30 Kissalaakson Kissanpojat (Keski-Suomi) 5 - 4 FC Perävainio (Pohjois-Pohjanmaa)
31 AavU (Lappi) 3 - 2 Juzon Team (Turku)
32 FC Pillertrillare (Pohjois-Pohjanmaa) 1 - 1 a.e.t.
6 - 5 PSO
FC Nipa (Turku)
33 FC Pillertrillare (Pohjois-Pohjanmaa) 1 - 0 AC Ankkalinna (Savo)
34 Myllyojan Pallo (Pohjois-Pohjanmaa) 5 - 1 FC Pillertrillare (Pohjois-Pohjanmaa)
35 FC Veljeskunta (Kainuu) 3 - 2 ASton Willans (Keski-Suomi)
36 FC Veljeskunta (Kainuu) 8 - 0 FC Pillertrillare (Pohjois-Pohjanmaa)
37 Korpikainuu United FC (Kainuu) 4 - 0 Tohtorit (Varsinais-Suomi)
38 Korpikainuu United FC (Kainuu) 3 - 0 FC Norsu (Vantaa)
39 Metsänkulman Pallo-Peikot (Pirkanmaa) 2 - 1 Höhelit (Kainuu)
40 Metsänkulman Pallo-Peikot (Pirkanmaa) 3 - 0 Samurait (Pirkanmaa)
41 Olavinkadun Dynamo (Savo) 1 - 0 a.e.t Tallhaga IF (Varsinais-Suomi)
42 miska (Vantaa) 4 - 1 F.C. Maulan Baari (Lappi)
43 Zörö United (Vantaa) 1 - 0 kalsaritissuttelijat (Turku)
44 EKP (Varsinais-Suomi) 3 - 2 FC patalahti (Keski-Suomi)

a.e.t = after extra time; PSO = penalty shoot-out

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