Suomen Aluefederaatioiden Liitto

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Suomen Aluefederaatioiden Liitto (SAFL) (21655)
Suomen Aluefederaatioiden Liitto logo
Chief Officer Junnu
Founding date 31-03-2005
Members 23 (on 09-08-2007)
Languages Finnish

Suomen Aluefederaatioiden Liitto (Finnish Regional Federations Union) is aimed at leading officials of Finnish regional federations. One of the main activities is organizing Aluemestareiden Cup (Regional Champions' Cup) in the end of every season. The more continuous aim of the federation is to develop activity inside regional federations and activate them with new ideas.

Current Member Federations

Here is a list of regional federations that had at least one representative in SAFL on 06-02-2008.

Inactive Member Federations

These regional federations have an office without an active member in SAFL