American elections for World Cup IX

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The American elections for World Cup IX were won by ThomasRongen.


The following users were listed in the Top 10 at one time or another:

  • benmor78
  • butcus
  • chris21218
  • CoffeeWarlord
  • FryDog
  • kevinapps
  • riffdeacon
  • The Secret Cabal
  • ThomasRongen
  • x3widRacin


Forum message
From: Mod-oeuftete (6631512.1) as reply to ()
To: Everyone 8/13/2006 at 22.40
The conference is now open for discussion and campaigning for the NT coach position. Please read the rules and information below.

To vote: (leagueOffices.asp?LeagueID=8)


  • This thread should only be used for candidate speeches.
  • Candidates are then asked to open their own individual candidate thread, with the title "[NT] candidate name".
  • The general discussion thread (6631516.1) can be used for general election discussion, but should remain free from individual candidate campaigning.
  • Please, no campaigning by a candidate in another candidate's thread. Avoid getting insulting. Tolerance for any of this will be low.
  • All other normal conference rules apply.