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ThomasRongen, also known sometimes as TR, T.Rong, and Tpimp, is the manager of Gaithersburg Bhoys F.C., a division III level club in the USA.

TR is believed by many USA users to be an attorney in real life, who keeps hattrick notes interspersed with important client notes. During one of his infamous USA conference debates with Calvert, TR stated that he would be unable to publish his handwritten hattrick strategic data publicly because the information was inextricable from attorney-client privileged material.

TR is famous amongst USA conference users for preaching club management efficiency, and stockpiling money to collect interest income. He often disputes assertions by other users that it is always better to promote to a higher division (although he seems not to practice what he preaches in this regard).

Although TR does not technically fall within the definition of n00b, FryDog has stated that a permanent exception may be made for him, and that he is the current top runner for "idiotic douche".

TR's username was chosen in honor of Thomas Rongen, considered by TR to be the worst coach in the history of real life's D.C. United MLS soccer club.

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