Angelo Stefanini

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Personal Information
Full name Angelo Stefanini
Nickname None
Country Belgium
Position Defender
Club Information
Current club Germany VFB Stuttgart 7
Senior Clubs
Global Seasons Team GP (goals)
32 -> 37 Belgium S.K Oostnieuwkerke _79_(43)
37 -> ? Germany VFB Stuttgart 7 _33_(16)

Angelo Stefanini is a former player of S.K Oostnieuwkerke.


Angelo was a wingback and was also the dedicated free- and penalty kick taker in the A-squad from S.K Oostnieuwkerke. During the first seasons he and Bobby Meuleman scored over half of the goals for the team.

End of career

By the end of 2007 it was already known that there were problems in the dressing room. After an internal investigation it was revealed that every evening some team members played some poker and Angelo was the one laughing with the others when he won. The manager immediately decided to remove him from the team. He was sold for 1.000€ to a German team.

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