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The Economy page and menu link within Hattrick has been renamed Finances as of 12/09/2008. The Hattrick Team feels it better reflects what the Economy section is about.
Economist staff, a no longer existing type of staff, had been renamed Accountants for the same reason.

The Economy page shows your budget for the week and last week's financial status. All your income and expenses during the week are stacked and drawn from your account each weekend. The exact time varies by league - check the league events for when it occurs in your league.

Revenues and Expenses

You need money to run your club. You pay the expenses and collect the income of the week every weekend.

For example, if you buy a player from the transfer list for 5 000 € the player is accessible immediately, the "temporary costs" entry is increased by 5 000 € but you still have the money in your account, for the time being. This also goes for income from attendance, which is paid a week after the entry (payment for cup matches is delayed by half a week).

There's nothing to keep you from spending money even if your balance is zero. You have a line of credit for 500 000 €, but you're going to have to pay some heavy interest on this borrowed money. If you run up debts amounting to 500 000 € you'll be given a bankruptcy warning and, as a result, you'll have severely limited access to Hattrick. If you do not return your balance to within the 500 000 € debt limit within two weeks of your bankruptcy warning, you may be forced to leave the Hattrick series system! However, long before you reach this limit your interest costs will have become insurmountable, so stay clear of that limit!

Besides, you won't be allowed to purchase players if this will push your debts over 200 000 €. When you're about to place a bid the program will take into consideration other bids you've placed, and what's been offered for your own players listed for transfer.

In other words, think twice before you get yourself into debt!

Weekly Income / expenditure

Every week, during the updates, the following things occur:


  • Costs for the squad: Each week you pay a wage for each player you have in your team. If you're lucky to have an international player on your squad, and he plays for his national team this week, you get a partial wages refund, which is deducted from this figure.
  • Additional staff: Your staff cost 1 800 € per person per week.
  • Arena costs: The running and servicing of your arena. Note that this is a sum you pay every week regardless of whether you're at home or away.
  • Investments in your youth squad: None, small, medium or large for the youth squad, or the wages of your scouts for the youth academy.
  • Interest costs: If you have debts you pay 3.33% interest rate on the borrowed money.
  • Temporary costs: Besides the purchasing of players, changing coaches, firing specialists, transfer-listing players, moving up youth squad players etc. costs money. All the week's one-off costs are accumulated here.


  • Income from sponsors: Keep good relations with your sponsors and it will earn you a higher income.
  • Income from attendance: Have you played a home match last round and/or had a match mid week? For details on how attendance income is calculated, look at the information at Arena.
  • Temporary income: Some things give you extra income during the week, particularly player sales, but also membership fees from new supporters (they pay 30 € a person) may come in.

End Of Season Income

At the end of every season the league authorities hand out a bonus if their club has done well enough. Money is handed out to first, second, third, and fourth place. How much depends on your place and how high up you are in the league system:

End of season bonus
#1 #2 #3 #4
Top level 2 000 000 € 1 175 000 € 825 000 € 500 000 €
Level 2 1 350 000 € 1 050 000 € 750 000 € 450 000 €
Level 3 1 200 000 € 925 000 € 675 000 € 400 000 €
Level 4 900 000 € 700 000 € 500 000 € 300 000 €
Level 5 600 000 € 475 000 € 325 000 € 200 000 €
Level 6 525 000 € 400 000 € 300 000 € 175 000 €
Level 7 and below 450 000 € 350 000 € 250 000 € 150 000 €

There is also a 10 000 € bonus paid for having the top scorer in a series. The money is paid out after the last match of the season. If two players tie for this award, both current owners of the players will receive the award; however, if two of your own players tie, then you only receive one prize.

The budget and all matters concerning finances can be found at "Finances" caption on "Your Club" menu.

Promotion bonus

The teams also agreed that a special bonus should be given to those who manage to promote their team to a higher level. If your team is automatically promoted from Level 6 or above, you get a higher bonus than teams that reach the higher division after playing a qualifying game. In league levels 7 and below, both the winners and runners-up of odd-numbered divisions gain automatic promotion without having to play a qualifying match. Even-numbered divisions after this level will have only the winners promote without qualification. The runners-up in these leagues will stay in their leagues. In divisions where two teams are promoted, the winner gets the higher bonus, while the runner up gets the lower bonus. When only one team is promoted, the winner gets the higher bonus, while the runner up doesn't get any bonus payment. If your team loses a qualifying game and stays in the lower division, no bonus at all is paid out. All promoted teams will also get a 10% supporter bonus (similarly, relegated teams will lose 10% of their supporters).

Promotion bonus
Auto-Promoted Promoted after qualifier
Top level --- ---
Level 2 500 000 € 175 000 €
Level 3 450 000 € 150 000 €
Level 4 400 000 € 125 000 €
Level 5 300 000 € 100 000 €
Level 6 200 000 € 75 000 €
Level 7 and below 175 000 € 50 000 €

Here is an example of how the bonus system may look:

Club A wins its Division IV and is promoted without qualification to Division III. They will get 900 000 € in prize money for winning its Division IV and 400 000 € in bonus money for being promoted without qualification. Total: 1 300 000 €.

If you want to calculate € into your own native currency you can check the Currencies page.

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