Arturo Bossi

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Arturo Bossi
Personal Information
Full Name Arturo Bossi
Country Italy Italia
Player ID (196615175)
Position Defender
Sénior Club
Season 35 - 48 Italy Castelfranco 43 (5)

Arturo Bossi was a italian defender, that have play in Castelfranco. He is remembered for his club for having scored the first goal in a official match for the team Castelfranco. Was the 10° minuts of Brindellone F.G. - Castelfranco of 05/04/2008. He was also the first captain of the Castelfranco's history. Retired in season 48 with 218 presences (43 in official matchs) of wihch 119 as capitain (27 in official matchs).

  • Gol fatti in carriera: 5
  • Hattrick (triplette) in carriera: 0
  • Partite in carriera: 43


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Castelfranco Castelfranco Castelfranco Castelfranco

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