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Castelfranco (1730274)
Official badge
Nickname Lupi di Via Pretolli
Region Flag of Toscana.PNG Toscana
Country  Italia
Continent Latin Europe (Europe)
Foundation March 25, 2008
Ground Comunale "Andrea Bonaventura"
(Capacity: 56 811)
Fan club Jolly Rogers 2013
Youth Team Castelfranco Youth Team
Youth arena Via Pretolli
(Capacity: 300)
Team kit
Colors      BLU      WHITE      YELLOW
Coach Italia Mario Savorgnani
Secretary Italia Giuliano Guernelli
Chairman Italia Alberto Ghinassi
Prize shelf

Series Champions VI.614 (Italy) Season 46 Series Champions VI.655 (Italy) Season 62 Series Champions VI.971 (Italy) Season 64 Series Champions VIII.1443 (Italy) Season 42 Series Champions VIII.1665 (Italy) Season 60 Series Champions IX.1491 (Italy) Season 41 Series Champions X.3257 (Italy) Season 38

Castelfranco Di Sopra Hattrick Team, know as Castelfranco is a small Italian football club of the region of Tuscany. The First name was Ufficio Reclami as named like so many other teams hattrick from fantasy football team of the founder ginestrino since season 35. In Season 60 the team was renamed as the name of the country: Castelfranco. Established 25 March 2008 together with the team real castelfranco, twinned with the team he plays for the Castelfranco's Derby.

In the course of its history has been able to get up to the V Italian series. Previously it was able to prevail in the championships of VI, VIII, IX and X series. In Italian Cup was able to get to the 4th round in the season 51. From season 42 adheres to the local federation (Federazione Valdarnese HT) and manages to win a Coppa Valdarno in his XVI edition ( castelfranco's first team to win the tournament) repeating the success in Supercoppa Valdarnese ( the Valdarno first team to win the top trophy). He also won two golden shoes of the federation. On July 23, 2014 birdsfoot becomes president of the federation, succeed to Trenta.

The office is located in the street Pretolli a small suburb called Tuscan Castelfranco Di Sopra. The official colors of the team are yellow and blue like the colors of Castelfranchese and play their home games at Comunale "Andrea Bonaventura" since its foundation.



The team takes its first steps in the lowest Italian category but can immediately be noticed emerging as a team being able to rely upon a healthy society and leading players like Uriele Nunzi Conti, Giuliano Guernelli and Captain Matteo Chillemi. Just with the help of these "key players" and other good graft, after just two seasons can center the first promotion by series X.3257. The following season Castelfranco plays vintage exciting to newly promoted who saw combat at some time for promotion to Class VIII.


Season 40 is the best black season of Castelfranco's history. After the withdrawal of Matteo Chillemi the team no longer has the clarity and speed that characterized his game, not even the first change of coach could revive the fortunes of a team with a crisis of results. To all this we must add the temporary suspension from the game. Was in fact open an investigation (Scandal of Castelfranco - A.C.Lorese) between the Castelfranco and A.C.Lorese that has seriously threatened to derail the team so that they could no longer continue. Well after 3 weeks of inactivity was recognized but the irresponsibility of the President and the team returns to league play has been affected by external events. But a year later overturned the odds to graduate from the sample can even the series IX.1491 with 3 days in advance. The following year start with the first appearance of Castelfranco in Italian Cup and takes the historic feat of reaching the first round in what will be one of the best matches of the club's history. The adventure stops then the next round. The same year joined the local federation (Federazione Valdarnese HT) and credibly centralized promotion to VII with two days in advance. this is the first time that Castelfranco won two championships in a row.

Boi and Canepa, another time together after 10 season.

Recent History[edit]

And in season 43 after a great revolution conquest second and the promotion in VI series anda the following season after a season troubled by referees and win an unexpected error saving only the last match for two consecutives saesons. But in the season is just 47 Castelfranco the revelation, going to win the championship definitely not starting favorite, with a second round of the most exciting Daelli history of the club. The winning gallop only stops in the first playoff addressed by the Tuscan team. More after two seasons of salvations quiet comes the first relegation, which allocates the team to return to series VII. Fortunately, the team is able to immediately return to series VI.
Driven by strong defense and the likes of Captain Carlo Boi and Vincenzo Canepa, manage to get a secure salvation for another 5 seasons consevutive.

Team History[edit]

Castelfranco's History
  • 25 march 2008 (Season 35):
    ginestrino based Castelfranco.
  • Season 35 - 4° in Serie X
  • Season 36 - 4° in Serie X
  • Season 37 - 3° in Serie X
  • Season 38 - Division X.PNG 1° in Serie X 600px-Green Arrow Up.svg.png
  • Season 39 - 3° in Serie IX
  • Season 40 - 4° in Serie IX
  • Temporany club sunspension
  • Season 41 - Division IX.PNG 1° in Serie IX 600px-Green Arrow Up.svg.png
  • Season 42 - Division VIII.PNG 1° in Serie VIII 600px-Green Arrow Up.svg.png
    2° round of Coppa Italia
  • Season 43 - 2° in Serie VII 600px-Green Arrow Up.svg.png
    1° round of Coppa Italia
  • Season 44 - 6° in Serie VI
    1° round of Coppa Italia
  • Season 45 - 5° in Serie VI
    1° round of Coppa Italia
  • Season 46 - Division VI.PNG 1° in Serie VI
    2° round of Coppa Italia
  • Season 47 - 6° in Serie VI
    3° round of Coppa Italia
    winner of Coppa Valdarno
    winner of Supercoppa Valdarnese
  • Season 48 - 5° in Serie VI
    2° round of Coppa Italia
  • Season 49 - 7° in Serie VI 600px-Red Arrow Down.svg.png
    1° round of Coppa Italia
  • Season 50 - 2° in Serie VII 600px-Green Arrow Up.svg.png
    1° round of Coppa Italia
  • Season 51 - 6° in Serie VI
    4° round of Coppa Italia
  • Season 52 - 4° in Serie VI
    1° round of Coppa Italia
  • Season 53 - 5° in Serie VI
    2° round of Coppa Italia
  • Season 54 - 5° in Serie VI
    3° round of Coppa Italia
  • Season 55 - 6° in Serie VI
    3° round of Coppa Italia
  • Season 56 - 3° in Serie VI
    1° round of Coppa Italia
  • Season 57 - 5° in Serie VI 600px-Red Arrow Down.svg.png
    1° round of Coppa Italia
  • Season 58 - 7° in Serie VII 600px-Red Arrow Down.svg.png
  • Season 59 - 2° in Serie VIII
  • Season 60 - Division VIII.PNG 1° in Serie VIII 600px-Green Arrow Up.svg.png
  • The Team Buy the official name
    "Castelfranco Di Sopra Hattrick Team"
  • Season 61 - 2° in Serie VII 600px-Green Arrow Up.svg.png
  • Season 62 - Division VI.PNG 1° in Serie VI 600px-Green Arrow Up.svg.png
    2° round of Coppa Italia
  • Season 63 - 7° in Serie V 600px-Red Arrow Down.svg.png
    2° round of Coppa Italia
  • Season 64 - 1° in Serie VI 600px-Green Arrow Up.svg.png
    2° round of Coppa Italia
  • Season 64 - ?° in Serie V
     ? round of Coppa Italia

Series Partecipation[edit]

Category Partecipation Debut Last Season
V Serie 2 Season 63 Season 65
VI Serie 15 Season 44 Season 64
VII Serie 4 Season 43 Season 61
VIII Serie 3 Season 42 Season 60
IX Serie 3 Season 39 Season 41
X Serie 4 Season 35 Season 38

Cup Partecipation[edit]

Category Partecipation Debut Last Season
Coppa Italia 18 Season 42 Season 63
Coppa Alpi 2 Season 56 Season 57
Coppa Appennini 2 Season 62 Season 64
Coppa Mediterraneo 1 Season 63 Season 63
Coppa del Nonno 0 - -



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The Hattrick Wiki

The official Match of Castelfranco are played in Comunale "Andrea Bonaventura". Initially the stadium was as usual of 12,000 seats, but after a short time was reduced to 10,000 seats becoming one of the smallest stadiums in Hattrick. After promotion to the IX category is decided to expand to a total of 20,000 seats including 500 VIP seats, 2,000 covered grandstand, 6,000 and 11,500 grandstand bleachers. To promote and perform well in VIII class, the stadium is still expanded to 28,000 seats and the following year, in the season 44, with the promotion in VI serie, it is implemented to 40,000 seats. For the season 50 the team is prepearing to a great players cycle. For this reason the stadium arrive at the final capacity of 56,811 seats. The stadium name is taken from the name of a professor of the President, who taught him the basics of living.

Youth Stadium[edit]

Castelfranco also has its own stadium for the youth team of 300 people called Via Pretolli in honor of being the club's founding.

Youth Team[edit]

has a great youth team called Castelfranco Youth Team in honor of the sponsor. The youth team is famous for winning championships and turning out some samples sold at high prices, or even left the team and today the main points of adamant Castelfranco as Aronne Tognato, Vincenzo Canepa Paolo Tacconi, Carlo Boi and Valentino Bagnacani. Mario Marcello is the first U-20 national player born in Castelfranco.

Coachs and Captains[edit]

Season 35 Italia Arturo Bossi
Season 36 - 37 Italia Matteo Chillemi
Season 38 Italia Uriele Nunzi Conti
Season 39 - 41 Italia Giuliano Guernelli
Season 42 Italia Aronne Tognato
Seasons 43 - 60 Italia Carlo Boi
Seasons 60 - ?? México Andrés Farías
Season 35 - 37 România Cristian Petcu
Season 37 - 44 Italia Antonio Pintus
Season 44 - 52 Italia Ugo Frosini
Season 53 - 60 Scotland Donald Morgan
Season 61 - ?? Italia Mario Savorgnani




Nt Player Arrived Age
1 Italia GK Valentino Bagnacani Season 45 44 years and 43 days Heart.png
12 Italia GK Gian Gastone Lavelli Season 55 35 years and 6 days Heart.png
21 Italia GK Nevio Grotto Season 62 28 years and 60 days Heart.png
2 Captain México DF Andrés Farías Season 48 42 years and 72 days
3 Italia T Guido Carigi Season 63 35 years and 24 days
5 Italia T Rodolfo Fanelli Season 63 41 years and 72 days
14 Oceania DF Edwin Hadley Season 63 43 years and 9 days
15 Italia T Federico Burgio Season 59 32 years and 35 days Heart.png
19 Italia T Carlo Airoldi Season 48 42 years and 69 days Heart.png
24 Italia DF Alessio Ticchiarelli Season 50 41 years and 23 days Heart.png
4 Italia M Ciro Beghi Season 59 30 years and 57 days Heart.png
6 Italia M Sergio Biella Season 59 30 years and 105 days
7 Italia W Gelindo Fiorentini Season 59 35 years and 33 days
8 France M Ludovic Marest Season 59 30 years and 81 days
11 Österreich W Peter Mölk Season 59 34 years and 30 days
16 Sverige M Björn Hökhall Season 59 30 years and 65 days
22 Italia W Emanuele Loccioni Season 57 34 years and 11 days Heart.png
23 Italia M Italo Coco Season 62 29 years and 100 days Heart.png
25 Italia M Paolo Muzzani Season 59 31 years and 10 days
27 Italia M Aldopaolo Tarascio Season 63 30 years and 27 days
9 Italia F Mario Lanconelli Season 63 32 years and 23 days
10 Italia Tq Aurelio Tarticchio Season 59 30 years and 98 days
17 Italia F Guido Canalini Season 52 40 years and 1 days Heart.png
18 Italia F Gabriele Lantieri Season 63 26 years and 92 days Heart.png
20 Italia Tq Giosuè Maestrutti Season 63 29 years and 60 days
26 Uruguay F Fabián Romero Season 63 31 years and 46 days
28 Nippon F 雄太郎 (Yutaro) 松井 (Matsui) Season 63 26 years and 89 days


(updated at season 62)

Presence Player Nation
323 Carlo Boi Italia
320 Valentino Bagnacani* Italia
275 Andrés Farías* México
197 Aronne Tognato Italia
182 Marco Capossela Italia
154 Vincenzo Canepa Italia
130 Alessandro Presti Italia
123 Alexander Austin Canada
121 Alex Gaspari Italia
108 Giovanni Tota Italia
Gol Player Nation
95 Marco Capossela Italia
71 Alexander Austin Canada
66 Carlo Boi Italia
48 Andrés Farías* México
46 Aronne Tognato Italia
45 Victor Minha Tanzania
35 Timo van der Pool Nederland
35 Vincenzo Canepa Italia
32 Rino Caterisi Italia
27 Toni Musello Italia

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  1. ^  In seasons 35, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, Castelfranco was composed by all italian player
  2. ^  See also: Flag Collection
  3. ^  See also: History of Castelfranco's Arms
  4. ^  See also: Castelfrancoin Coppa Valdarno
  5. ^  See also: Castelfranco Kit's & Sponsors