Atletico Cruz Azul

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Atletico Cruz Azul
HT User: Rafael_Azul
Full name Atletico Cruz Azul (205081)
Nickname Cruz Azul
Founded 23-05-2008
Location Mexico Sinaloa, México
Arena Azul
Capacity 12,035
Fanclub De Sangre Azul
President Mexico Rafaelazul"
Coach France Dang Chuong
League Mexico VI.229 (77220)
Homepage Sitio web oficial

Atletico Cruz Azul is a Mexican soccer team, which competes in the VI.229. Play all their games at the Azul stadium. The team was founded on May 23, 2008 by rafaelazul.


Atletico Cruz Azul was founded on May 23, 2008 by rafaelazul. His first game was just 2 days after rafaelazul took control of the club before they played versus lfv FC wish is now Atletico Romain(625414). 3797 fans assisted to the first official match of Atletico Cruz Azul, The match ended 3-5. The visitors won. The team first goal was by Ricardo Burgos who scored at minute 32 of the first half.

Season 35

The club debuted in an official league game in May 25, 2008 resiving lfv FC were they lost 3-5. The first match was also in Azul stadium in May 29 in the league against Fölktergeist from league VI.135 they fell 1-7. But the first official visit was June 1, 2008 when they visited Lucas United they lost 7-1, their first match of the visit was June 5, 2008 when Real del Monte from VI.117 where they lost 4-0. rafaelazul took the team when the club was in last place in the league with 8 points in the absence of only 2 games in which they could not get anywhere and they stayed in last place in the league VI.229.


In the 38th season the club had its frist title. The Cruz Azul Cup(A friendly cup)

I Copa Cruz Azul

Cruz Azul won the Cruz Azul Cup at Cruz Azul Stadium, winning 5-1 to Club De Futbol Guamuchil(625241), The Cruz Azul goals were by Hector Padierna (12'), Ricardo Pardo (40'), Sri Jaafar bin Muhammad Fahmi (42'), Juan José Mondragon (49') and Henning Löckel (79').

Date: April 16 2009.

No. Position Player
25 GK Sweden Emil Uddhult
27 DF Mexico Ricardo Burgos
15 DF Mexico Manolo de Silos
5 DF Mexico Braulio Garzón
1 DF Mexico Héctor Padierna
14 DF Mexico Pablo Guiral
2 DF Mexico Juan Alberto Escobar
12 DF Mexico Juan José Mondragón
26 DF Singapore Sri Jaafar bin Muhammad Fahmi
11 DF Mexico Ricardo Pardo
17 DF Germany Henning Löckel
21 CH France Dang Chuong


The stadium Estadio Azul has a capacity for 12.035 fans at Cologny Militar. It was inagurated on May 25, 2008 called the city of sports.

Leading scorer

No. Player Goles
1 Mexico Juan José Mondragón 18
2 Mexico Juan Alberto Escobar 17
3 Mexico Pablo Guiral 12
4 Mexico Braulio Garzón 11
5 Mexico Ricardo Burgos 6
5 Mexico Manolo de Silos 5


Friendly Tournaments

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