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The coach is a very important figure in Hattrick, responsible for training and managing your team during a game. Coach uses his particular skill set to inspire players both on and off the field and can play in games too. While all new teams get initial coaches who are of equal skill level (passable), over time you will need to replace your coach.

Abilities of a coach

Training Skill

The first ability of a talented coach with a high training skill knows the right methods of training, allowing young players to improve their abilities faster and more effectively. The skill can never be rated higher than excellent.

This is an extract from the Hattrick rules, Chapter 7 (Coach abilities)
The more talented your coach is, the more effective training will be. A coach can never be better than excellent. All new teams get a passable coach to start with.

Comparing to 100% of a Solid one, the efficiency of a coach is:

Excellent 	105.30%
Solid 		100%
Passable 	90.90%
Inadequate 	83.30%
Weak 		76.90%
Poor 		71.40%


The other ability of a coach is leadership. It affects how quickly team spirit changes: if the team spirit is low, a coach with good leadership will increase the rate of regrowth, and if the team spirit is high he will decrease the level of deterioration.
The coach leadership level may significantly affect the optimal strategy when choosing team attitude. While the immediate effect of all choices is the same no matter leadership level, a good leader will help you reap the benefit of playing it cool in the coming games, and he will help you get over the disadvantage that your team gets from playing match of the season.
Thus, if your coach has bad leadership, playing it cool or playing match of the season are generally less attractive choices, however, with a good leader a team can greatly benefit from playing it cool in the major part of its games.

Leadership deterioration

This is an extract from the Hattrick rules, Chapter 7 (Ability deterioration)
After your coach has been in your club for one season, his leadership skill will start to slowly deteriorate. Once your coach reaches disastrous leadership, the deterioration starts hitting his trainer skill instead.

Your coach's leadership and training skill will slowly begin to deteriorate over time. This will not begin until after your coach's first season has ended. The reasoning for this is that a coach is bustling with energy and inspiration when he first arrives, but loses some of his edge and enthusiasm over time.

This deterioration is very slow. It effects the leadership level first, and finally training skill. Though it can take up to ten seasons to complete this progression, you will want another coach well before then.

A coach with Solid leadership will drop his LS to Passable:

  • in 112-150 days if he’s low Solid LS
  • in 150-224 days if he’s medium Solid LS
  • in 224-385 days if he’s high Solid LS


Lastly, here are three different types of coach: "neutral", "offensive" or "defensive". This affects the teams' performance (and only performance) during the game.

  • Neutral Coach -- no preference, boost a team's attack and defense ratings equally and he doesn’t have a specific influence on your ratings.
  • Offensive Coach -- attacking nature, boosts a team's attack ratings and stimulate a team to play more offensively. Compared to the neutral coach, the offensive one offers a boost of 8% to your attack ratings but with a penalty of 11% to the defence ratings.
  • Defensive Coach -- defensive nature, boost a team's defence ratings. Compared to the neutral coach, the defensive one offers a boost of 14% to your defence ratings but with a penalty of 8% to your attack ratings. It is slightly more effective than offensive coaches, in part due to an increase in the boost to defence that was implemented with Hattrick 6.5.

The type of coach that is best for your team will largely depend on your training type. for more information see coach tactics.

Coaching Levels

All new coaches of a certain skill level are equal. When someone purchases a coach with passable skill, he is always "average passable". No new coach begins with "high passable" or "low passable".

However, the increase in the coach's performance between levels is, like with regular player skills, non-linear. This means that the gap between a solid coach and an excellent coach is smaller than the gap between a passable coach and a solid coach in terms of the effect of the training. So a high-level coach might not always be the best solution for you.

Changing the coach

If your coach disappoints you, you can always get a new one. When you hire a new coach, he becomes the coach of your squad and the old coach steps down and becomes a player. You can then fire him, as no former coach can become a coach again and you cannot trade a former coach (This is technically not true, as a coach can work for other teams in future, but only after he is fired for your team).
First, decide how good you want your coach to be in training skill and leadership, as well as want type of tactics (attack, defence, neutral) you want your coach to use.
To be able to convert a player into a coach you need 2 conditions that require some foresight:

* To prevent daytrading of coaches-to-be, a player must be on your squad for 16 weeks to be promoted to coach (so the player has to have been on the team for a minimum of 1 season).
* you need to have enought money the week before the week you decide to convert the player.

A new coach should have both leadership and training skill. However, the balance will depend on how you want to run your team:

  • If you plan to train players over time, you want high training skill with low leadership.
  • If you plan to day-trade for good players, you want high leadership with low training skill.

There are two different ways to go: recruit from outside or from inside the team.

External Coaches

External recruiting means that you hire a new coach from outside your team.
With external coaches, each combination of leadership/trainer skill has a fixed price. You sign your coach and he appears in your roster from an unseen pool of unemployed coaches. These are the prices:

Training Skill level of future coach
Weak Inadequate Passable Solid Excellent
3 Poor 10.000 10.000 79.600 268.700 4.000.000
4 Weak 10.000 22.800 182.800 617.100 4.388.400
5 Inadequate 10.000 41.200 329.700 1.112.900 7.914.600
6 Passable 10.000 65.100 521.000 1.758.500 12.505.200
7 Solid 10.000 94.600 757.100 2.555.500 18.172.500

Internal Promotion

Internal Promotion can be less expensive than external recruiting, if you have a player with the right coaching material.

There are a few restrictions:

  • A player's experience determines how good a coach he can become.
  • The more experienced a player is, the lower his price for a specific skill level.

Players keep their leadership abilities (already known to you) and you do not pay for their leadership - so, if you have a very experienced player with high leadership, this can be a real bargain. Converting a player to coach:

Training Skill level of future coach
Weak Inadequate Passable Solid Excellent
4 Weak 10.000 - - - -
5 Inadequate 10.000 35.200-43.800 - - -
6 Passable 10.000 29.700-35.200 235.200-281.600 - -
7 Solid 10.000 25.200-29.400 202.000-235.200 681.800-794.100 -
8 Excellent 10.000 22.100-25.000 176.900-200.000 597.300-675.000 4.247.700-4.800.000
9 Formidable 10.000 19.500-21.900 156.200-175.400 527.300-592.100 3.750.000-4.210.500
10 Outstanding 10.000 17.600-19.500 140.800-156.200 475.300-527.300 3.380.100-3.750.000
11 Brilliant 10.000 16.100-17.200 130.700-137.900 438.300-465.500 3.116.700-3.310.200
12 Magnificent 10.000 14.600-15.700 116.900-125.700 394.700-430.000 2.806.800-3.100.000
13 World class 10.000 13.500-14.600 108.100-116.900 364.800-394.700 2.594.000-2.806.800
14 Supernatural 10.000 12.500-13.100 101.000-105.000 340.000-364.400 2.412.000-2.593.000
15 titanic 10.000 11.700-12.500 94.300-100.000 318.300-337.500 2.264.100-2.400.000
16 Extra-terrestrial 10.000 11.000-11.400 88.800-91.300 300.000-308.200 2.133.300-2.191.500
17 Mythical 10.000 10.300-10.900 82.600-87.700 278.900-296.000 1.983.300-2.105.100
18 Magical 10.000 10.200 81.900 276.600 1.967.100
19 Utopian 10.000 10.000 77.500 261.600 1.860.300
20 Divine 10.000 10.000 69.900 236.000 1.678.200

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