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Some examples of manager's avatars randomly chosen from the game

Avatar is a supporter feature. It was introduced in 2008, simultaneously with new Hattrick Design.

Immediately after its release, many managers argued that there were no female avatars. But player are not only male and, since there are also female users, lady avatar were introduced a few weeks later.

Avatar Generation

Like anything on the site, all face elements are designed and created by the illustrator Beach.

Avatars are fictional facial representation of the manager and they are randomly generated. It was not possible to "make" one from scratch. If you were not pleased with the one you got, another one could be generate over and over again. An avatar can be chosen by using the link on the manager page.

In the 17 March 2009 supporter's update, managers were finally given the possibility to modify their avatar and draw their own image to resemble as much as possible the user in real life. The possibility to simply generate random images still remains, but now is possible to freely play with the different elements.

Bodies (with clothes) New Female body.png
file stored as /Avatar/bodies/f1man1d.png
Faces New Female head.png
file stored as /Avatar/faces/f1l.png
New Female eyes.png
file stored as Avatar/eyes/e27c.png
Mouths New Female mouth.png
file stored as /Avatar/mouths/m18c.png
Noses New Female nose.png
file stored as /Avatar/nose/n27.png
Hair New Female hair.png
file stored as Avatar/hair/f1h6c.png
Making up together a |New Female example.png
complete face

Gallery of Faces

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