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Disambiguation icon.png This page describes Hattrick Supporter as a package of features. For other uses of Supporter, see Supporter (disambiguation)

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Since 2013, Hattrick Supporter is in Diamond, Platinum, Gold and Silver versions

HT-Supporter is a paid package of features that provides no in-game advantages. It can be bought by paying a fee at the Shop. Supporter income helps to maintain and expand the resources needed by Hattrick.


   Magnifier.png   Further information: Official statements from the Hattrick Team on forum

HT-Supporter adds a number of extras to the game for the user to enjoy, and features that allows additional customization and reminders.

With the Supporter add-on, the game also offers the ability to join various message board groups called federations, designed to allow aligned Hattrick players with common interests to share newsletters and a message board and organize friendly cups. Federations provide a place to talk about chosen topics away from the main forum boards.

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