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The BDF MARS-League (or the Bottom Division Federation Magic Academy Reigns Supreme League) is an international youth series. It is the top series of the Bottom Division Federation youth league pyramid. The MARS-League is contested by 8 clubs with the winner crowned as champion and the bottom two clubs relegated.


The MARS-League, initially known as BDF Youth League I, was formed after an initial qualification round in which teams played a full season against other youth teams with the champions placed in the MARS-League. Those champions were 1. SFC New Canaan YoungStars, Ally's Accademicals, Magic Academy, Mavericks, Mini Mussen, Mladi Udarniki, Seismic Waves and SmartHotspur Boys. The initial league was dominated by English speaking teams with three from England and two from the USA. In season 3 England was especially ubiquitous in the league as they were represented by five clubs!

After an intense first season in which Mavericks did not clinch the league until the final game with an 8-0 romp of Mladi Udarniki, the German club was honored as the league was named after them. The league became the RM-League, short for Remember the Mavericks. Magic Academy then broke Mavericks' record with two titles of their own and the league was renamed to the MARS-League.

Many fans also enjoy tracking the league's top scorer as all champions have also had a player win the Golden Boot. This trend ended in season 5, though Lunar Juniors YA's Nigel Sperry finished runner-up. In an odd occurrence season 3 had joint Golden Boot winners, one from the champions Magic Academy and the other from the relegated SmartHotspur Boys. The MARS-League not only features a heated race for the league, but also the suspense of surviving relegation. Many fans breathe sighs of relief after their club reaches the 16 point mark as history shows that no team has been relegated with 16 or more points, though this number has steadily risen in recent seasons.

Season 7 ended with a thrill as the legacy club Ally's Accademicals took the championship after powerhouse Rollingerne FC, with its 40+ goal differential, lost to the in-shambles Magic Academy (in spite of taking an early 0-2 lead) on the last day of the season. Season 7 was also notable as Racing Cosmopol brought shame to all Belgium football fans as they finished dead last for two seasons in a row, a feat previously impossible, while also holding a massive goal differential of -80.


Season Winner Runner-Up Third Place Relegated Top Scorer
1 Germany Mavericks USA Magic Academy England SmartHotspur Boys Slovenia Mladi Udarniki
USA 1. SFC New Canaan YoungStars
Germany Michael Lüftner
Mavericks 15 goals
2 USA Magic Academy England Ally's Accademicals Germany Mavericks Switzerland Geneva Seahawks Juniors
Netherlands Mini Mussen
USA Ernest Mcmahan
Magic Academy 15 goals
3 USA Magic Academy England Seismic Waves England Flashing Blades England SmartHotspur Boys
Germany Mavericks
USA Lonnie Mcclelland
Magic Academy 8 goals
England Hamilton Radley
SmartHotspur Boys 8 goals
4 England Seismic Waves England Flashing Blades England Ally's Accademicals Germany Gottes Kinder
Oceania Oz Hawk Juniors
England Gordie Pankhurst
Seismic Waves 8 goals
5 England Lunar Juniors YA USA Magic Academy England JHT Juniors England Seismic Waves
England Flashing Blades
Netherlands Kas van Liempd
Schwalbetasaray Juniors 9 goals
6 England Lunar Juniors YA Denmark Rollingerne FC USA Magic Academy * Switzerland Geneva Seahawks Juniors
* Belgium Racing Cosmopol
7 England Ally's Accademicals Denmark Rollingerne FC England JHT Juniors * Netherlands Schwalbetasaray Juniors
* Belgium Racing Cosmopol
  • Not Relegated



England Ally's Accademicals - 8 seasons
Spain C.E.Eurojoves - 1 season
Switzerland Geneva Seahawks Juniors - 4 seasons
England JHT Juniors - 4 seasons
England Lunar Babies* - 6 seasons
USA Magic Academy - 8 seasons
Belgium Racing Cosmopol - 4 seasons
Denmark Rollingerne FC - 2 seasons

  • Formerly Lunar Juniors YA


USA 1. SFC New Canaan YoungStars - 1 season (1)
England Flashing Blades - 3 seasons (3-5)
Germany Gottes Kinder - 1 season (4)
Germany Mavericks - 3 seasons (1-3)
Netherlands Mini Mussen - 2 seasons (1-2)
Slovenia Mladi Udarniki - 1 season (1)
Oceania Oz Hawk Juniors - 1 season (4)
Netherlands Schwalbetasaray Juniors - 6 seasons (2-7)
England Seismic Waves - 5 seasons (1-5)
England SmartHotspur Boys - 3 seasons (1-3)