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Last update of this page was made 25.07.2011
Bakenzilo (884420)
Official logo Bakenzilo
Region Split
Country  Hrvatska
Geografic area Central Europe
Continent Europe
Foundation 15.01.2006
Stadium El Magnifico (75 000 seats)
Fan club Koljači blagog pogleda (3 214 members)
League II.2
President Croatia -Baka-


Coach Romania Miahi Ion


Prize shelf
Series Champions III.9 (Croatia)Series Champions IV.64 (Croatia)Series Champions V.79 (Croatia)Series Champions V.79 (Croatia)Series Champions VI.199 (Croatia)Series Champions VI.51 (Croatia)
Team colours
Youth Team
Youth Team: Bakini malci
Youth arena: Iza Kantuna

Bakenzilo is Croatia football club from Split region.

The Team

Foundation History

Bakenzilo was founded 15. 01, 2006. President of the team is -Baka-. With -Baka- club Bakenzilo only knows for success



El Magnifico is the arena of Bakenzilo. It has a total capacity of 75 000.

  • Total capacity: 75 000
  • Terraces: 45 000
  • Basic seating: 15 000
  • Seats under roof: 13 125
  • Seats in VIP boxes: 1 875


Youth Team

Bakini malci

Youth League

Bakini malci is currently playing in Megayouth Matches.


  • Youth team scout: Ante Bratić, 58 years, Looking for players in Umag Croatia
  • Youth team scout: Branimir Farago, 49 years, Looking for player in Umag Croatia
  • Youth team scout: Stefan Tomić, 45 years, Looking for player in Opatija Croatia


Iza Kantuna is the arena of Bakini malci. It has a total capacity of 300.