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Ballz FC (71913)
Ballz FC logo.jpg
Managed by Kc-jake
Club information
LocationKansas USA
ArenaThe Nuthouse
Fan ClubThe Athletic Supporters


Ballz FC is a team from the USA that is currently (as of season 30) residing in V.97.


Indy Radio

Ballz FC was originally named Indy Radio and started in V.217 for week 7 of season 20. After a half season filled with disappointments, the team secured 5th place in their first full season. Fearing that competition would be too great in such a strong series for division 5, the manager chose to relegate by throwing their qualifier match. The team spent the next season raising their only wave of higher-level keepers, Bigi Kipfer and John Cummins, in bot-ridden VI.830 during season 22. Indy Radio had the best finish in division 6 in our team's history, with a 14-0 record and a 66-5 goal differential.

After the stellar performance, we continued to V.97 in season 23, finishing in 4th place in our first season there with a 4 point lead over 5th place and our best finish ever. At the end of the season, we switched to an attacking mentallity by selling both keepers and switching to scoring training. Along with these changes, we changed our team name to Ballz FC and renamed the arena to The Nuthouse (formerly Indy Radio Arena).

The Scoring Era

Ballz FC transitioned rather smoothly at the start of season 24 to scoring training with over $8.5 million (spread over the first half of the season) in trainee sales to fund the start of the program. Early trainees included Hajo Michalas, Benny Therkelsen, and Sem van Utrecht. After another 4th place finish (this time with a 14 point advantage over 5th place), the Ballz went through a short where the series greatly strengthened and the Ballz were unable to keep up, resulting in a dismal 6th place finish only 8 points over 7th place in season 25.

However, not wishing to be taken lightly, Ballz FC continued on their path. The scoring program finally matured, Ballz took a 2nd place finish in season 26, missing out on 1st place by only 1 point, yet only beating out 3rd place by 1 point as well. The main cause of this disappointment were back-to-back losses to long-time rivals Kansas City Hornets, despite their eventual 5th place finish. Ballz FC was able to manage this 2nd place finish due to a decent midfield and a brutal attack.

The Disaster

At the start of season 27, Ballz FC was poised to make a run at 1st place. However, things got messy quickly. For our first cup match, we destroyed a bot team 10-0; but our best midfielder was knocked out with a 5 week injury. That Sunday, we suffered a massive 7-2 defeat at the hands of districtFC. After yet another loss (2-5) to a vastly inferior team, sending the team into a panic. Ballz FC immediately transfer listed every single player that played at winger, inner midfielder, and forward, and took an 8-0 pounding in the US Open Cup. We bought a new forward and an entire slew of playmaking trainees, switching to a new era of training. We would finish season 27 with a morbid 6th place finish, although only 1 point behind 5th place finishers districtFC.

Late 20s

In season 28, Ballz FC continued rebuilding the team and its mentality with an emphasis on midfield control. The series became the most difficult it has been in its history. We finished in 6th place, only 1 point ahead of 7th and 1 point behind 5th. However, several of the strongest team departed or changed training regimes. In season 29, Ballz FC's training program produced a batch of mature players, and the team won all but three matches, earning it a 2nd place finish, yet again 1 point behind 1st place. And yet again, our biggest problem was being defeated by a team twice, this time districtFC, despite their eventual 4th place finish. The biggest surprise of the season was the thrown qualifier of Kansas City Hornets, who decided that after 10 seasons in V.97, it was best to move on. The first place team was replaced by a brand-new owner having taken over a bot-team demoting through the ranks.


Our immediate future will see a new coach, a new wave of trainees, and only a few real competitors in season 30 as most teams are not at the level of the top 3 teams in this series. Management of Ballz FC hopes for a 1st place finish and promotion to division 4, as the team is now the oldest current member of V.97, about to start its 8th season there. The team will also celebrate its 10th anniversary in mid-season 30.


Season Series Pos Pts Pld W D L GF GA GD CUP
20 V.217 5 18 8 1 0 7 5 22 -17 None
21 V.217 5 16 14 5 1 8 23 26 -3 Round 1
22 VI.830 1 42 14 14 0 0 66 5 +61 Round 3
23 V.97 4 17 14 5 2 7 22 42 -20 Round 3
24 V.97 4 24 14 8 0 6 34 16 +18 Round 2
25 V.97 6 21 14 4 2 8 29 43 -14 Round 2
Season Series Pos Pts Pld W D L GF GA GD CUP
26 V.97 2 29 14 9 2 3 59 23 +36 Round 3
27 V.97 6 16 14 5 1 8 31 41 -10 Round 3
28 V.97 6 16 14 5 1 8 40 44 -4 Round 2
29 V.97 2 33 14 11 0 3 50 21 +29 Round 3
30 V.97 1 35 14 11 2 1 47 10 +37 Round 3

Notable Players

Hall of Fame

  • Donny Vargas - 36 years old

"Played for 10 seasons with us as an original player. Played from 9/4/03 to 5/29/05. Coached from 5/29/05 until his retirement on 8/19/06. Replaced as coach by life-partner Odd Godgard." Donny Vargas scored 16 goals, including a hattrick, in his career, playing primarily as a midfielder. He ended his career after 143 total matches with the club and 4 seasons as coach.

Other Awards

(Players must have at least one season of experience or be contracted to at least one season)

  • Best Keeper: James Butts (Week 14/Season 29 - current)
  • Best Defender: Casey Church (12/26 - current)
  • Best Midfielder: Jamie Holden (3/27 - 7/30)
  • Best Winger: Edwin James (9/30 - current)
  • Best Forward: Hans Wallis (9/30 - current)
  • First Buy: Kevin Creech (Sept. 8, 2003 for 200,000 US$)
  • First Sale: Kevin Creech (Dec. 2, 2003 for 500,000 US$)
  • First Player-coach: Donny Vargas

Lifetime Service Award (75 Competitive Matches)

  • Yin Chor-Wai
  • Ismael Elder
  • Donny Vargas
  • Odd Godgård

Golden Glove (5+ Competitive Clean Sheets)

  • Isaac Sol
  • Bigi Kipfer
  • James Butts
  • Rickey Fitzpatrick

Golden Boot (25+ Competitive Goals)

  • Trevor Ochoa - 37 (and counting)
  • Sem van Utrecht - 32
  • Andrew Kruse - 30 (and counting)
  • Raul Dominiguez - 27


  • Kansas City Hornets - Ballz FC has played more league matches against the Hornets than any other team. Although the Hornets relegated from V.97 after season 29, the two teams will most likely engage in several friendlies in the future.
  • districtFC - districtFC has the second-longest tenure in V.97 for current teams. The matches between Ballz FC and districtFC have been quite evenly split, with only one sweep (districtFC in season 29), which was the only time the away team won a match between these two teams.
  • Anaheim FC - Anaheim has been a thorn in Ballz FC's side since their arrival in V.97, winning the first four matches between the two. In season 29, Ballz FC swept the series. An interesting note is that these teams have never split a series.
  • KC Killaz - The Killaz and Ballz have shared many friendlies over their careers, with Ballz winning most of them. It is rumored these two are real-life friends.

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