Scoring training

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This type of training will train the scoring skill for forwards. About 15% of the hattrick population chose scoring training. Note that the shooting training type also trains the scoring skill as well as set pieces, for more players but at a slower rate.


  • Relatively easy, as there are no half slots to worry about
  • Only 2 secondaries to consider
  • Lots of fun as you'll have high scoring games
  • Lots of goals means good supporter mood
  • Variety of tactics through use of defensive forwards and forwards towards wing


  • Trainees are expensive, and fully trained players are not the massive money-makers you'd expect
  • You can only train 6 players at once
  • 3-4-3, 4-3-3 and 2-5-3 are the only formations available
  • Forward toward wing and defensive forwards are difficult to train
  • Too many other people train scoring