Barrington Barons

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Barrington Barons (29809)
Managed by ChrisSwimm
Club information
Location Nova Scotia Canada
Geographic areaNorth America
Defunct13.01.2015 (14 years)
StadiumAlexander Keith's Field (80 000 seats)
Fan ClubThe Evil Barons
Last update of this page was made 23.11.2015

Canadian Club, Managed by ChrisSwimm, become bot in January 2015, its considered one of the best teams of HT-History of Canada

Basic Info

Joined: 5/28/2001
Region: Nova Scotia
Stadium: Alexander Keith's Field
Club Colors: Red/White

Club History

The most successful team in HT-Canada history, some say because of having a leg up on the competition by owning a team in the US league prior to the formation of Canada in Hattrick. Others say it's his extraordinary knowledge of the game that has allowed him to stay in the top ranks of the All Canadian while no other team remains in the division from before season 12.

This storied club has been home to many players who have represented Canada at the U-20 and National Team World Cups. These players include Ian Johnson, Alex 'The Beast' Emslie, Andy Doyle, Brian Trapani, John O'Connor and Tebogo 'Toboggan' Matambanadzo.

Former Canadian Mod, GM, U-20 and National Team coach.

Currently, the coach of the Barons is allowing the team to lay fallow. The team is being allowed to slip out of the the All Canadian division for the first time in memory. It remains to be seen whether he has lost complete interest or he is looking for a new challenge, to rebuild and reclaim the Canada Cup.

10 time champions of All Canadian

5 time Canadian Cup champions

Nickname: The Evil Barons

He become Bot the 13.1.2015