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Besaid Aurochs FC is a Canadian team managed by Darksim11.

It was one of the best teams in Canada, until he sold all his good dudes and pretty much quit the game. After spending 8 seasons in IV.15, V.33, and IV.25, he went to the Cup Finals in Season 26 and finished undefeated in III.10 and promoted into II.3.

Basic Info

Joined: 4/18/02
Region: Ontario
Stadium: The Sphere
Club Colors: Blue/White

Club History

Besaid Aurochs FC joined III.15 at the end of Season 3 under the Besaid AurochsII, in a demotion position. After relegating to IV.37, the team dominated a bot-filled season back to III.10. Darksim11 has typically trained midfielders throughout his management career. Stuart Irvine was the team's first major prospect, but was barely edged out from the U-20 team. Irvine would eventually be named to the National Team and was later made the coach of the Aurochs, until he was

National Products

From Youth

Stuart Irvine