Beskydský pohár

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Beskydský pohár
Founded: 2018
Related competitions: Pinguin Supercup
Penguin Champions League
Organisators: Czech Republic simrohlav, Goldinho12345, filipek28
Current champions: Czech Republic FK Dragon Dačice (2nd title)
Most successfull club(s): Czech Republic FK Dragon Dačice (2nd title)
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Beskydský pohár (English: Beskydy Cup, German: Beskidenpokal, Russian: Бескидский кубок) is Czech friendly cup for teams from 5th and 6th league tier.

Tournament is divided to group stage phase and playoffs. Semifinals and final are played at stadiums of participants, which are drawed before cup start.

There is aim to renew tradtion of Pinguin Supercup.


List of Beskydy Cup medalists

Season WINNERS Runners-up Third place
I Czech Republic FK Dragon Dačice Czech Republic Framoz Rousínov Czech Republic Legendary Penguin Ham
II CZEFK Dragon Dačice Czech Republic FC Horní Datyně CZE Framoz Rousínov

Club titles (after 2nd)

Team C
1 Czech Republic FC Dragon Dačice 2