Penguin Champions League

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Penguin Champions League
Penguin-champions-league 1.png
Founded 2018
Number of teams planned 8 - 32
Current champions TBA
Most successful club TBA
1. Penguin Champions League

The Penguin Champions League is planned intercontinental club football competition organised by the Czech club FC Inter Parodista (member of LPSA Cup, which already organizes Pinguin Supercup) and should be contested by both European and non-European top clubs, which play in friendly cups. The goal of the competition is to become one of the most prestigious tournaments in the Hattrick world and the most prestigious unofficial club competition, played by the friendly cup champions (and, for some nations, one or more runners-up) of friendly cups.

Map of countries whose teams compete in friendly cups


Qualification competitions

Note: Not every cup will send its representative into PCL, this is just list of friendly cups, which reps can participate:

Brazil Copa Detonando
Indonesia Indonesia Regional Cup
Czech Republic LPSA Cup
England 1088 Premiership
GermanyAustriaSwitzerlandLuxembourg IFA League
Slovakia Memoriál deda Kršíka
RussiaUkraine Eduard Streltsov Cup
Finland Aluemestareiden Cup
Sweden Delphi Cup
Netherlands Sealand Cup
Peru Copa Inka
Spain Supercunca Galega
Spain Copa Extremadura
Template:Country data EUR EHF Pseudo Champions League
Hungary Országos Régió Kupa
Hungary SörreFröccs Kupa
GermanyAustriaSwitzerlandLuxembourg Amacup


The plan is, that winner and runner-up (or regular season winner) of every member friendly cup will be automatically qualificated into group stage.

Group stage

There will be 2-8 groups with 4-6 teams, it depends on how many teams will participate. Each team meets the others in its group once in a round-robin format. The winning team and the runners-up from each group then progress to the next round.


At the time, there are no sponsors for this competition. Organisation committee decided to name competition after mascot of club, which organises the competition.

Individual clubs may wear jerseys with advertising. However, only one sponsorship is permitted per jersey in addition to that of the kit manufacturer (exceptions are made for non-profit organisations), which can feature on the front of the shirt, incorporated with the main sponsor or in place of it; or on the back, either below the squad number or on the collar area.

Betting and obscene advertisements are banned in Penguin Champions League.