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Bidding means offering money for players in auctions. If a bid is placed within the last 3 minutes before a deadline, the deadline is extend of 3 minutes so that there's always a timespan for other managers to decide whether they want to raise or not.

You can choose to duel in a last minute bidding challenge or use autobidding feature and set you price before deadline.

Bidding System

You can freely raise up to 10% more than the current price. Anyway rules of the transfer list say that:

You must raise the last bid with at least 2% of the current price.

and simultaneously:

You must raise at least 1 000 US$ (= 1 000 €) higher than the previous bid.

There is no need of calculator while in a bidding duel: the suggested bid on the player helps define the next minimum price accepted by the bidding system.

Some examples
  • Last bid on Player A was 500 000 US$ -> You must bid at least 510 000 US$ (2% more).
  • Last bid on Player B was 50 000 US$ -> You must bid at least 51 000 US$ (2% more AND at least 1 000 US$ more).
  • Last bid on Player C was 10 000 US$ -> You must bid at least 11 000 US$ (1 000 US$ more, the old rule taking over).

Early bid

An early bid is a way to cash in on players you have for sale, before their deadline ends. The idea is to be able to spend the money you'll get for that player in advance, for instance to buy his replacement for an upcoming match.

You list your player for zero, then you ask friends (or fellow federation members) to place a bid. This bid is expected to by raised by other users to normal market value before the deadline ends, so it is usually lower than market value itself. To be sure not to actually buy the player, a price sufficiently lower than the expected selling price can be estimated at around 75% of the market price.

Bidding limit change

The new bidding rule was introduced in season 18 as an add up to the old bidding limit of 1 000 US$. The two rules work together and 50 000 US$ is the edge between the old and the new system.

Hattrick announces
Bidding limit change 25/01/2003
We are now adding a new rule to the transfer list: You must raise the last bid with at least 2%.
As before, it must also be: at least 1 000 US$ higher than the previous.

The following contents are based on official Hattrick documents and/or official statements — which usually means they should be trustworthy.

The old 1 000 US$ rule have been in effect ever since the transfer list was invented back in 1998 (season 3 in Sweden). In those ancient days, hardly any players were sold for more than 100 000 US$ (can you imagine?!) and a typical transfer was at 50 000 US$. Having a minimum step of 1 000 US$ per bid was appropriate then. Today, however, many players are sold at millions. Many people have expressed that they are frustrated with endless bidding duels where one or several of the parties raise the bid with only 1 000 US$.

Now, auctions are about finding the right price, negotiating until there is exactly one buyer left willing to pay a certain price. It is not supposed to be about who can endure the longest bidding duel. Hence the new 2% rule. We do not believe this will significantly affect prices on the transfer market. It will just make the road to the final price a bit less annoying for all parties involved.

Basically we are adapting the old rule to today's prices, and making it dynamic. We realise that you don't want to be stuck with a pocket calculator while in a bidding duel. Therefore, the suggested bid on the player page is now always 2% higher than the previous.