Transfer list

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This is the list where all players appear in chronological order that have been put for sale by their owners. You get there via Transfers » Transfer List. The player's name, opening price or current bid, owner, age, TSI and skills are visible on the transfer list. For further details you'll have to check each individual player page.

Every manager can place a bid on every player on the transfer list, provided their are sufficient funds. The player will be sold at the time of the deadline, which will be 72 hours from the moment his owner listed him. If bids are placed within the last 3 minutes before a deadline, the deadline will extend so that there's always a timespan of 3 minutes for other managers to decide whether they want to raise or not.

TL is the commonly used abbreviation for the Transfer List.

Rules for the Transfer Market:

  • It costs 1000 to list a player on the Transfer List.
  • The seller will receive between 81% and 91% of the price paid. The longer the player has been at the club, the more he will receive. The remaining money is divided between the agent and previous clubs.
  • Each player from abroad will cost you 20% of their regular salary as a bonus while belonging to a club outside their home country
  • You have to raise bids by at least 2% with a minimum of 1000.
  • It is recommended NOT to do transfers with managers who manage their team from the same computer (for instance your brother). Even if there's is no cheating intention, this may rise suspicion.
  • It is forbidden to pay exceptional prices for player for whatever reason. This may result in a restitution of the transfer price and in severe cases in a fine or other measures by the GM's.
  • If you think a certain transfer is not 'normal' you should write a cheat report and send it to the GM's. Cheat reports can be found at Help » Game Masters or Transfers » Transfer List » Report suspected cheaters.