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Bookmarks is a supporter feature. Here you can store teams, users, players, matches, leagues, Forum threads & posts and conference users. Also Youth teams, players, matches and leagues can be bookmarked.

These all have a small paperclip icon Bookmark.gif that brings you directly to the bookmarks page and stores the item you clicked on. This is handy to follow players on the transfer list or to keep track of other teams and their matches. Maybe you just want to store that special match you always need to have in arms reach.

You'll find the bookmarks page in the Tools menu or by clicking the bookmark icon Bookmark.gif in the bottom left of the screen.

The maximum number of bookmarks per category is 10 for conference users and 50 for all other categories. Conference bookmark icons look somewhat different Forumbookmark.gif.

Most bookmarked teams and users

last updated 02-05-2010

1. simontxo Venezuela 5032
2. Carlos_Tevez Deutschland 2377
3. TheHef Danmark 2263
4. Fireball33 Danmark 2097
5. Svoelle Danmark 1983
6. StorMMasteR Deutschland 1501
7. FlevoTJ-AAF Nederland 1489
8. saheki Nippon 1184
9. MD-JakobTrier Nippon 1172
10. joopieter Belgium 1064
11. vivastpauli Deutschland 986
12. BarryG Ireland 968
13. Hvidovre Danmark 949
14. PatrickBrans Belgium 847
15. Aguar Deutschland 823

Most bookmarked players

1. Bob Al Iraq 4836
2. Craig Wozniak England 2092
3. George Carey Sverige 1451
4. Marc "de la gente" O'Farrell Argentina 1430
5. I-Q Sverige 1332
6. Diego Armando Maradona Sverige 1254
7. Herman Vooijs België 852
8. Bob 'Clone' Sunesson Sverige 706
9. Bart Simpson China 625
10. Markus Stranddahl Brasil 432
11. Kristian Rönnland Sverige 425
12. Bruno Jureta Hrvatska 420
13. Klas Løvelund Philippines 404
14. Jason Ivy Latvija 397
15. Muhammed Ali Savtekin Nederland 373