C.S. Kazahastán

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C.S. Kazahastán
Full Name C.S. Kazahastán
Nickname(s) Los kaza
ID (30071)
Founded December 8th, 2008
Localization Chile Metropolitana, Chile
Ground El Hoyo
Capacity 20.020
Supporters Los Kaza
Managing Director Chile pepeveraz
Manager Indonesia Muhamat Amirudin
League Chile VIII.71 (120814)

C.S. Kazahastán used to be a succesful chilean team. It reached an amazing ascent on record time, but sadly, when they were reaching the glory, debts and corruption pulled down the team, getting them directly , on season CH 28, to the worst chilean league, division VIII.


Foundation Era - Season 37 (CH 25)[edit]

The team started on the worst chilean division, VIII. They finished 3rd, playing with powerful rivals like Everton 96 and Sorrape.

Glory Era - Seasons 38-39 (CH 26-27)[edit]

Kazahastán starts with several new players, some great foreign players, and make a perfect season, winning the division VIII and ascending directly. This is the first and last C.S. Kazahastán trophy, but the beginning of an era full of glory.

In VII, season 39, they finished 2nd, playing against great clubs like Bayo's and Washunever. This gave to Kazahastán the direct ascent to division VI. But this is when problems started.

Corruption Era - Seasons 40-x (CH 28-x)[edit]

Last Squad Lineup[edit]


Seasons Summary[edit]

Season League Pos Pts GD Copa Chile
37 (CH25) VIII.1742 3rd 20 24-29 Didn't play
38 (CH26) VIII.1742 1st 40 69-10 1° Round
39 (CH27) VII.313 2nd 30 60-14 2° Round
40 (CH28) VI.66 8th 0 7-95 2° Round
41 (CH29) VIII.71 6th 12 21-68 1° Round
42 (CH30) VIII.71 7th 9 20-54 1° Round
43 (CH31) VIII.71 8th 3 11-60 1° Round
44 (CH32) VIII.71 x x x 1° Round


  • Seasons in VI: 1 (28)
  • Seasons in VII: 1 (27)
  • Seasons in VIII: 3 (25-26, 29-)
Direct Ascents
  • VIII-VII: Season 38 (CH 26)
  • VII-VI: Season 39 (CH 27)