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Flag of Chile Coat of Arms of Chile
Location of Chile
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Zone: South America
Continent: South America
Season: 42
Number of teams (approx): 10 920
(active ~8 500)
Level of series: 6
Number of regions: 15
Top series name: Campeonato Chileno
National cup name: Copa Chile
National coach:
U-20 Coach:
Currency Pesos
200 Pesos = 1 US$
Time zone Hattrick Time-3


Notable Facts about Chile[edit]

  • Chile's first gamemaster was GM-Felipelamas.
  • First Chilean NT big player was Joaquín Diez (1532617), that brings Chile among the world top 20 teams. Afterwards playmaker Julio De Pablos Caño (10627615) was the best chilean player, one of the best inners in the world.
  • The U-20 team best results is in World Cup in México where Chile places third in Round IV, but just one goal away from winning a medal, sharing the same points and goal difference with future world champion of Norway.
  • After finishing third in World Cup XIV, in 2012 the Chilean NT becomes the first non-European NT to win the World Cup.

International Trophies[edit]

National Trophies[edit]


Campeonato Chileno champions

Copa Chile champions

47 Pilsongas F.C. Doompoeta Keats F.C. THT-Keats
46 kazike CC-KaRrONiErO Ñiupi_Fc THT-Gabobriel
45 kazike CC-KaRrONiErO Guapachosos gormatrix
44 kazike CC-KaRrONiErO Tono FC TonoFC
43 Tono FC TonoFC rocksrtars dorian_Gray1981
41 Keats F.C. THT-Keats Rancho Mallea S.A kenesmallea
40 NaDa Especial FC AzadD Tono FC TonoFC
39 Ingeniería Química Cachano Guapachosos gormatrix
38 Rancho Mallea S.A kenesmallea Ingeniería Química Cachano
37 El Fuerte Vive, El Débil Muere Frano_Battousai Majosan's Bombers majosan
36 El Fuerte Vive, El Débil Muere Frano_Battousai litueche Huaso_de_litueche
35 litueche Huaso_de_litueche litueche Huaso_de_litueche
34 bacanes f.c contendor Plaza Del Chico F.C. Sir_Fenrir
33 Pasteloso El_hipico litueche Huaso_de_litueche
32 bacanes f.c contendor El Fuerte Vive, El Débil Muere Frano_Battousai
31 bacanes f.c contendor bacanes f.c contendor
30 bacanes f.c contendor Zobtik United FC ManiiX-
29 bacanes f.c contendor Heresi Unido CC-Fenwe7
28 bacanes f.c contendor bacanes f.c contendor
27 bacanes f.c contendor Ñublense de Chillán EsponoX
26 UC 24 Skandar Webyando ClauD10S
25 UC 24 Skandar bacanes f.c contendor
24 UC 24 Skandar kashop cachop
23 la la la andrescaso kashop cachop
22 kashop cachop Tenacious CL ChumaCL
21 Deportivo Flecha Lep-O SERENAGUANTE felon
20 Deportivo Flecha Lep-O UC 24 Skandar
19 la la la andrescaso FC Rompetelas de Algarrobo badillero
18 IBERIA FC feliperey Pirulete cristiancova
17 la la la andrescaso Chocolito Janksk
16 Chevere White_Warrior Guapachosos gormatrix
15 Chevere White_Warrior Chevere White_Warrior
14 Sion Felipelamas Sion Felipelamas
13 Sion Felipelamas EDUR eduar7
12 Sion Felipelamas Sion Felipelamas
11 Sion Felipelamas Sion Felipelamas
10 Universidad de Chile Crumo los matasanos matasano
9 Universidad de Chile Crumo Universidad de Chile Crumo
8 Universidad de Chile Crumo Universidad de Chile Crumo
7 Universidad de Chile Crumo Universidad de Chile Crumo
6 Universidad de Chile Crumo ManchesterUnited Gubasio
5 Universidad de Chile Crumo Cobreloa el_ricky_chile
4 Universidad de Chile Crumo Landslaget bbk Gonzalez86
3 Landslaget bbk Gonzalez86 Cobreloa el_ricky_chile
2 Los Lagos BOT Santiago BOT
1 Santiago BOT Maule BOT

The Double[edit]

These are the national double champions (i.e. win both top division and Cup in the same season):

Season Times Won Season(s)
Universidad de Chile 3 7, 8, 9
Sion 3 11, 12, 14
bacanes f.c 2 28, 31
Chevere 1 15

National Teams[edit]

Senior National Team[edit]

Main article: Chile national team

U-20 National Team[edit]

Main article: Chile U-20 national team

Chilean staff[edit]

Former staff:



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