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CA Kortrijk is a Belgian team managed by Christand. It was founded on 19-07-2007.

The team won the Belgium Cup in season 31.

CA Kortrijk currently plays in V.68.

Prize shelf

Division VIII.PNG VIII.305 Division VI.PNG VI.22 Division V.PNG V.49 Division IV.PNG IV.10 Cupseason56.png Cup winner


Season League Cup
season 20 4th in VIII.305 -
season 21 1st in VIII.305 1st round
season 22 2nd in VII.490 2nd round
season 23 5th in VI.22 1st round
season 24 3rd in VI.22 3rd round
season 25 3rd in VI.22 4th round
season 26 2nd in VI.22 4th round
season 27 2nd in VI.22 6th round
season 28 1st in VI.22 5th round
season 29 2nd in V.49 3rd round
season 30 1st in V.49 5th round
season 31 1st in IV.10 Cup winner
season 32 2nd in III.6 4th round
season 33 6th in III.6 10th round
season 34 8th in IV.16 3rd round


Results in the dL.cup.

Edition Result Wins Draws Losses
1st edition Group phase 0 0 5
Total 0 0 5

This user has participated in the dL.cup
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