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CSKA (M) (28793)
managed by pavelT (292536)
Location Moscow, Rossiya
Arena CSKA Palace

CSKA (M) is a Russian club managed by pavelT.

It was founded on 14 October 2004 and currently plays in the Premier Liga.

CSKA (M) became national champion once.

Prize shelf

Division I.PNG Champion in Premier Liga (season 37)

Division II.PNG Champion in II.4 (season 36)

Division III.PNG Champion in III.6 (season 32)

Division IV.PNG Champion in IV.43 (season 28)

Division V.PNG Champion in V.2 (season 26)

The highest achievement in Hattrick Masters is Round 5 (season 38)

The highest achievement in Russian Cup is the final (season 38)