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Pretolli Editore[edit]

Kit Cesare Giulio.PNG
kit maked by Cesare Giulio for ginestrino (shirt of Paolo Tacconi

The First Sponsor of Castelfranco's History is Pretolli Editore, That also now even if it is present in the mesh, is the official sponsor of the team. The first Home Kit is composed by a total white shirt and simple blue pants.
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Fondazione Meyer[edit]

Arturo Bossi whith this shirt, and the black band whith number 58, worn to remind the pilot Marco Simoncelli

Shortly after, the club adopted the current kit with two vertical band yellow and blue and decide of put in the short a benefical society's logo. In season 42 Castelfranco in conjunction with the ACF Fiorentina adopted the international associations of Save the children but after two season the club chose another benefical society, a society of his country (Firenze): Fondazione Meyer. Lately he abbandoned also the second shirt with blue orizontal band for a kind of kit similar the first of the club.
After the first withdrawal, the beginning of season 50, came out the new official shirts. For the first link you chose the blue shoulders with the yellow-white shorts with all-white, while the calsettoni remained unchanged. The second link instead will be reddish orange color, like the old second mesh castelfranchese, with two horizontal bands of blue and white on the chest. Blue pants and red socks with cuffs in two colors. Both links are on the right sleeve a purple emblem with a white lily.

Radio Pretolli[edit]

At the end of the season 53, after a season of change, when "Osteria Fumetti" becamed the kit sponsor, the local radio "Radio Pretolli" keep the leadersheep of the club. From the first moment it acquires the exclusive radio rights for the official matches. The commentary is transmitted from Aldopaolo Arecchia when not engaged in official matches, and next to him, the technical comment is managed by the experienced ex-bomber Nicola.


Official Sponsors
Season 35 - 41 Italia Pretolli Editore
Season 42 - 45 England Save The Cildren
Season 45 - 50 Italia Fondazine Meyer
Season 51 - 53 Italia Osteria Fumetti
Season 54 - ?? Italia Radio Pretolli
Technical Sponsors
Season 35 - 37 none
Season 38 - 55 Italia Pretolli Editore
Season 56 - ?? Deutschland Adidas