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Kostroma Open League
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Tournament data
Name: Kostroma Open League
Organized by: Street Wulf
Typology: Seasonal

The Kostroma Open League, also called "KO League", is a friendly cup organized by the russian team Street Wulf.

The rules

The rules are establish on the participants.

Past champions

Kostroma Open League

1st edition
(Season 31)

Competitors 8
Gold DR1.jpg Street Wulf
Silver DR2.jpg Snet
Bronze DR3.jpg CSKA elizovo

Kostroma Open League

2nd edition
(Season 32)

Competitors 8
Gold DR1.jpg Snet
Silver DR2.jpg CSKA elizovo
Bronze DR3.jpg Street Wulf

Kostroma Open League

3rd edition
(Season 33)

Competitors 32
Gold DR1.jpg Red-White Diamonds
Silver DR2.jpg ABZ Piter
Bronze DR3.jpg Borovichi,
Special Prize Pharaon

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