Cavehill Reds

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Cavehill Reds (711351)
Managed by Cavehill_Red
Club information
LocationAntrim Northern Ireland
ArenaThe Cave
Fan ClubThe Neanderthals

Cavehill Reds is a club in  Northern Ireland's Division two currently, having achieved promotion to that level in only their second season in existence.

The club, based in Antrim, has obtained some notoriety, both positive and negative, during its existence. Positives include the manager's dedication to training Northern Irish wingers for the U20 side, which has so far seen three players capped for the country, and his activity on the forums, mentoring new managers and providing advice on the newbie forum.

Cavehill Reds also won the inaugural NIMF Cup, of the Northern Irish Managers' Federation and manager Cavehill_Red is a regular organiser of the Bucky Cup, a federation or conference challenge issued by Northern Irish teams or NIMF.

However, Cavehill_Red has also been seen as a divisive individual by some people, due to his fervent intolerance of all forms of spam, his aggressive debating style, and his feuds with some other members of the Northern Irish HT community.

Among his more high profile campaigns have been the quest to rename the Northern Ireland Cup in honour of George Best, the real life soccer legend, and his campaign to have Hattrick implement a report spam button to assist him in reporting as many people who spam him as possible.

He was also involved in creating a names database for Northern Irish youth pulls, and leads the national newbie mentoring programme.

It came as no surprise to many when it was eventually revealed that Cavehill_Red was none other than the infamous JC_Skinner, Northern Ireland's second NT manager, who managed the team during qualifying for World Cup VI, but later quit the game after being punished by GMs during a controversy involving the Norwegian conference.

He was also formally the Northern Ireland U20 manager.