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Spam in Hattrick has two definitions:

  1. A posting in a Conference thread or a guestbook for no apparent purpose beyond increasing the post count of the thread or guestbook, or to draw people to respond to the writer's guestbook.
  2. A posting repeated in numerous conference threads designed to elicit responses back to another thread, or a website.

Is it really evil or only fun for some of users? Or maybe it is a way of self-expression, like graffitti? There is a fine line between art and spam.

Guestbook spam

Common GB spam includes:

  • Advertations for Federations.
  • People asking for friendly's (usually in small HT-countries).
  • Several kinds of wishes (Including the "Greeting from X")

Note: Many of these kinds of spam are not strickly forbidden, but users might get punished when posting to much of these messages.

Another (and not forbidden kind!!) of spam is pointless small talk.
Some users try to collect as many messages as possible in their guestbook.
See: List of largest Guestbooks.

Forum spam

Spam Tours

Several federations organise spamming matches.
Usually the point is posting as many messages as possible in a thread, combined with trying to post round number messages (like 100 or 1000).
A well known example of this is the Tour de Spam in Sealand.


Many people like closing a thread with posting message 1000.
On public forums it is forbidden to spam for this reason. But some people do it anyway, so many bans and fines are given by moderators.

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