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Disambiguation icon.png This page describes an editorial written at the start of Season 31. For other uses of Changes for the upcoming season, see Changes for the upcoming season (disambiguation)
Hattrick.png This is an official Hattrick Editorial
originally published 2006-11-27 10:01:00 by HT-Tjecken

The new season is about to start and with it there are also some changes that are ready to be announced. Some of the changes are expected, as earlier this season the Hattrick Football Association announced some economical changes, while others are completely new. This release also includes some new Supporter statistics and a totally new feature: Achievements.

There is always a special tension at the start of the new season. Maybe you’ve promoted and are checking every team in your new series to see how you should make up your strategy, maybe you’re writing a conference post with an analysis of your series or perhaps you’re buying that star player which will make your team bloom this season. All this planning and thinking makes the start of the season so special - and of course there are usually also some new stuff to think about which makes the start of the season even more special! This season is no exception, there is a bunch of changes, some new statistics for Supporters and also a totally new feature.

Let us start with the economical changes that HFA announced earlier this season, as we’ve now received a letter from them with all the details of the new deal: “As we informed you about some weeks ago there will be three economical changes next season. As you know we’ve written a new sponsorship deal with a computer manufacturer and the money would go directly to the Hattrick teams. In detail, this means that all teams will get a 4% increase of their sponsor income.

Secondly, the Global Agent Organization has agreed to lower their fees by 2%. You’ll still pay money to the mother club and last club, and the exact amount will still depend on how long the player has been with your club. However, you can now expect up to 95% of the transfer money instead of 93%.

The last change for this season is that we, in cooperation with the Hattrick Central Bank (HCB), will lower the interest on money in the bank by half.

After a meeting with the HCB we would also like to take this opportunity to announce some more economical changes for the seasons ahead: For the season after this (starting in March): Lower the interest by half (again) and also lower the maximum income from interest by half. 2 seasons from now (starting in July): Remove interest on money in the bank completely.

The reason for these changes is that we and the HCB think money should work and not be collected on a pile. Finally, we would like to make it clear that we, the HFA and the HCB, are constantly looking over the overall economy in Hattrick to make sure it’s healthy and slowly growing. It is important to understand that we don’t care that much about the prices on the transfer market: what we care about is the background economy and especially the amount of money per team. This new sponsor deal we will cover the loss of interest income on global basis, in fact it will do more than just cover that loss. All together these new deals will make sure that the background economy continues to grow.”

Apart from the changes announced by the HFA, we will also do some minor tweaks in the game engine next season:

  • Set pieces skill will also start to decrease with age, just like any other skill.
  • Players will lose skills with age a little bit faster than before.
  • The lowest possible level for stamina skill will be (low) wretched.
  • Change of coach in National teams will not affect the team spirit anymore.

Next season will also see the start of a totally new alternative career feature: Achievements.

Unfortunately, the bitter truth is that not everyone can win the cup or the top league in Hattrick, so we think it’s important that there is a possibility to focus on an alternative career. Alternative careers (the more, the merrier!) give the game depth and give everyone a better gaming experience. Some people focus on being the best forward trainer, some focus on collecting flags and other focus on being an active member of the community for example. Now we add yet another career possibility: achievements.

Shortly put, this feature means you’ll get points for different things you’ve achieved in the game. Winning your league or advancing some rounds in the cup, for example, will give you some points, as will receiving a certain amount of stars in a match. Moreover you will also receive points for other things in the game like founding a federation, buying/selling a player, writing a conference post, climbing up the rankings and becoming a National coach. Most achievements will be known, but there will also be some hidden achievements to seek for.

Your achievements will be visible from your menu and your user page. Both the points you’ve achieved and the maximum points you can achieve will be shown.

Last thing in this package is something for our Supporters and statistics lovers out there: Match statistics. You will now be able to see, season for season, how your team has scored its goals, in what way your players have been injured and stats about yellow and red cards.

To summarise, our main focus this time was on new career opportunities and the economy. We managed to squeeze in some really nice statistics and some minor tweaks, of which the slightly faster skill loss is the most important as we have still got an oversupply of players and the skill loss is taking too long time today. Moreover we’ve started working on the new youth squad system and we also found some time to move our servers as you know. :)

On behalf of the HT-team and the HFA I hope, and think, you’ll like these changes.