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Christelijke Hattrick Federatie (6522)
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Chief Officer Callero
Founding date 05-01-2004
Members 132 (on 26-03-2011)
Languages Dutch & Flemish

The Christelijke Hattrick Federatie (Dutch for Christian Hattrick Federation) is a federation for all Dutch-speaking Hattrickmanagers, founded January 5th 2004 by Proeme. As this federation is about Christian faith, many topics on the federation's board are about Christianity and related topic. But there is also lots of topics about fun, life, and of course, Hattrick.

The federation is open for everyone, both Christian or not.


After Proeme founded the federation, he managed to keep the federation alive with members of Forza Groningen. But it didn't take long for the federation to attract it's own members. The federation grew slowly to about 25 members in June 2004. After 2 seasons Proeme thought it was time for a new Voorganger (the title of the federations president) and the first CHF elections were held. -Elwe- became the new Voorganger. A new man at the steeringwheel, but that was not the only change. Because of the growth of HT Netherlands and the participation with ODFs Expeditie Robinson, the federation grew on from 50 to 120. After -Elwe- resigned, karlos took over and the federation reached its top size at 180 members. All previous Voorgangers are now 'Kerkvader' (Churchfather) as long as they are member of the federation to honour what they meant for the federation. Unable to let go of 'his' federation, Proeme became Voorganger for the second time before he got his rest as a Kerkvader. Menke, the fifth Voorganger has placed his mark on the federation by reforming the conference and restructuring the hierarchy of the federation.

ODFs Expeditie Robinson

Early 2005 the Official Dutch Federation (ODF) organized an online game: Expeditie Robinson (like the Dutch TV show). Dutch federations were able to join the game with 25 members and were selected based on their motivations. Mathie wrote the legendary motivation for the CHF. The ODF was of course one of the three selected federations, but gamemasters Grifo, Casartelli and Pandarve also chose Sealand and the CHF to be a part of the game. The game was as glorious as it was surprising for the CHF. Glorious, because CHF member Calimero1977 managed to win this game. But the game did evolve very surprisingly for the CHF, as a group of 8 traitors, called M8 (Mighy Eight) started to eliminate fellow CHF members. Though some of these eight people were discovered during the game, the rest remained hidden long enough to win the game.

CHFs Wie is... de Mol?

Early 2007 some members were fed up of hearing over and over again that Expeditie Robinson was so great. They organizes their own game: CHF's Wie is... de Mol? (based on the TV show), which had been played before by the ODF. Gamemasters were Eddie and -Irene- No less than 20 contestants (of which one was the mole) played this game through an external conference. Assignments were carried out, people sabotaged, were suspected, jokers were distributed and in the end the mole was discovered. The Mole: Cool-Daddy The Winner: Menke Losing finalist: Sorontur. Remarkably Sorontur had discovered Cool-Daddy from the start of the game, which enabled him to answer the tests correctly with ease. However, he made a mistake in the finale test, what made Menke win that final.

In January 2011 WvW-Jelte organised a new version of Wie is... de Mol? He was assisted by fritsiy. 18 participants went searching for 1 mole, who was actively "searching" with them. The finale execution was played live on April's CHF-meeting, where WvW-Jelte revealed Erikidis to be the mole. mathie won the game by making the final test better than his opponent Ruben.


From the early beginnings of the CHF the need to compete against eachothers teams existed. For that purpose the first CHF-Cup was organized, the start of a new tradition. The first edition hosted only 4 teams, the 12th edition hosted 48 teams. In the early years Fortza Zwelgje was almost unbeatable in the cup, now Cali '03 is the team to beat in the cup.

CHF Cup Winners

Edition Winner Runner-Up
Edition 1 Fortza Zwelgje Dieuwke FC
Edition 2 Sindar Cali '03
Edition 3 Fortza Zwelgje Willie Boys
Edition 4 FC Abe B.S.M.
Edition 5 Pardo United Fortza Zwelgje
Edition 6 Fortza Zwelgje Oldekerker Cows
Edition 7 B.S.M. KR Reykjavik
Edition 8 Sindar B.S.M.
Edition 9 Cali '03 Pelgrims 2nd
Edition 10 Cali '03 Poseidini
Edition 11 Yellow Cab Sindar
Edition 12 Achilles Veen Cali '03
Edition 13 Yellow Cab Vet's United
Edition 14 M.E.S.T. Sindar
Edition 15 Yellow Cab Wannabeezz
Edition 16 KLM M.E.S.T.
Edition 17 Yellow Cab Cali '03
Edition 18 Cali '03 KLM


Starting April 26th 2006 all clashes between CHF members are recorded to form an all-time ranking: the CHF-Ranking. This ranking, started by -Elwe-, now done by Proeme. The formula used to calculate the score is: Score= 100x((P-5)/N), where P is the number of points gathered (a win is three points, a draw one) and N the number of matches played.


Regularly (about twice a year) the Christelijke Hattrick Federatie organises meetings. There the members are able to meet one another in real life, compete sportively and eat and drink together. The meetings where organised as follow:

  • Friday Januari 21th 2005 in Amsterdam, organised by vranc
  • Saturday March 3th 2007 in Amersfoort, organised by Rusty.
  • Saturday November 3th 2007 in Amersfoort, organised by Rusty.
  • Saturday April 12th 2008 in Zwolle, organised by Rusty.
  • Saturday November 8th 2008 in Amersfoort, organised by Rusty.
  • Saturday April 11th 2009 in Amersfoort, organised by feanfan and fumay.
  • Saturday October 10th 2009 in Amersfoort, organised by feanfan, fumay and Rusty.
  • Saturday January 24th 2010 in Assen, Gourmet-Meeting, to be organised by Rusty
  • Saturday April 10th 2010 in Amersfoort, organised by feanfan, fumay and Rusty
















And many other members and visitors...