Copa Detonando

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The Copa Detonando is a friendly cup in Brazil, created by dahora the cup had the intention that all teams had the same chance to win the cup. For this the cup won a different format, fall for the play-offs the teams that marked the highest number of goals.

Edition Brazil Season Champion Placed Second
I 21 Zuera Team Clube CPII - CENTRO F.C.
II 22 Zuera Team Clube Jesuítas RS
III A 23 Zuera Team Clube Floripa Jaguars
III B 23 Grêmio Esportivo Pelotense Jesuítas RS
IV 24 Zuera Team Clube Grooving FC
V 25 Floripa Jaguars Zuera Team Clube
VI A 26 Idade da Pedra F.C. Famuse
VI B 26 Marmotinhos Kaipiras
VII A 27 Skup Marmotinhos
VII B 27 Duck Dodgers Sr. Incrível
VIII A 28 Zuera Team Clube Os B.D.S
VIII B 28 onion king S=I=N=G
IX A 29 Zuera Team Clube Sr. Incrível
IX B 29 Só capim canela Clube Atlético Boca Juniors
X A 30 Só Capim Canela Marmotinhos
X B 30 FAMUSE Saurus FC
XI A 31 Marmotinhos Clube Atlético Boca Juniors
XI B 31 Os B.D.S S=I=N=G F=C