Cor Arnoldussen

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Cor Arnoldussen

Netherlands Cor Arnoldussen

Cor Arnoldussen started his carreer as a player of Frietboer Centraal where he played his entire carreer. After he retired as a player, he stayed at the club and started training youth teams.

A few years later, in 2013, he was offered a position as secretary at a new team together with his friend Daan van Oeffelen and he started his new job at SV Roosendaal which unfortunatly went bankrupt in the first season due lack of sponsors. Two years later, the duo succesfully started a new team under the name of Blue Mountain State Goatz and started preperations for season 48.

Hall of fame

Cor Arnoldussen is still in the hall of fame at Frietboer Centraal.

  • Longest in the team, 1184 days
  • Most friendly games, 101 matches