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Clublogo Frietboer Centraal

League History

Manager Daan van Oeffelen has been the owner of Frietboer Centraal for a long time and lifted the club from the 11th to the 6th division. After being absent for personal reasons the team fell back to the 7th division and finally Mr. van Oeffelen sold the team.

In 2013 Mr. van Oeffelen was contacted by Cor Arnoldussen who got a position as a secretary at a new team: SV Roosendaal. Cor Arnoldussen started his carreer as a player of Frietboer Centraal and stayed at the team until he retired, he convinced his friend Mr. van Oeffelen to invest in this team and become the new manager.

Darius Rietveld was hired as trainer/coach. The last few games of the 40th season were used as preperation for the 41st season, when the team officially enters competition in the 8th division.


Season Competition Rank Win Draw Loss Points Goals Trainer/Coach Stats
40 VIII.376 5 1 0 16 19 Darius Rietveld SV Roosendaal/Season 40
41 VIII.335 Darius Rietveld SV Roosendaal/Season 41

All Time Statistics

SV Roosendaal/Statistieken

Staff Sport Vereniging Roosendaal

Current Staff


  • Netherlands Darius Rietveld (since 21-03-2013)

Trainer youth squad

  • Netherlands Stan ter Heide (since 21-03-2013)


Youth Scout:

  • Netherlands Lennart Ansink
  • Netherlands Eberhart Schuijer
  • Netherlands Albert-Jan van Vliet

Club Records

  • updated 20/04/2013
Record Record Holder Record Stats
Highest Rating Giancarlo 'Breekijzer' Olthof 4,5 star rating
Most expensive player Aldino Nogueira Almeida Transfer price was € 95.000,00
First youth pull Barend de Heer 21/03/2013 by Lennart Ansink
Youngest youth pull Tinus van de Kamp 15 years, 68 days
Highest youth rating Barend de Heer 6,5 (blue) star rating
Daantje Busing 6,5 (blue) star rating


Sportpark de Luiten
  • Total Capacity: 8.000
  • Standing places: 3.000
  • Seats: 1.000
  • Business seats: 0