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Cyclones F.C is a Hattrick football club from Queensland, Oceania. The club was founded on the 1st of February, 2009 and was originally known as Nat's Rats before changing name to Cyclones F.C on the 28th of September, 2009. Cyclones F.C. are managed by NatTheRat1, now known as Natstradamus, and have thus far had reasonable success. The Cyclones were promoted to the Pacific Premier via a qualification match for Season 41. Twice winners of Div VI, four times winners in V, once champions in Div IV, once champions of Div III and twice champions of Div II, the Cyclones floundered for a few seasons, but recent seasons have seen a surge in the team's form. Apart from promotion to the Pacific Premier, Season 36 saw the highlight of the team's history, being defeated in the Final of the Oceanian Cup.

Cyclones F.C. (419536)
Managed By: NatTheRat1, aka Natstradamus
Location: Queensland,  Oceania
Founded: 2009-02-01
Ground: The Eye of the Storm (Capacity: 75,500)
Fan Club: The Crimson Horde
Highest Ranking: 2
Coach  Oceania Robbie Mourish
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Other Honors Second most supported team in Oceania


Season 26: Nat's Rats

On the 3rd of February, 2009 (Season 26), Nat's Rats were born. Starting in Div VI.311, in their first season they topped the league and lost a qualifier. In Season 27, they finished first again and were directly promoted to V.41.

Season 28: V.41

At the beginning of Season 28, on the 23rd of August, 2009, the Rats changed their name to the Cyclones F.C. In that season, they finished 5th and survived a qualifier.

Season 29 saw an amazing run of luck, and the Cyclones finished 1st and were directly promoted to Div IV.35.

Season 30: IV.35

Unfortunately, in Season 30, the team was only just taking shape, and was simply not up to the task. Playing a combination of 3-4-3 and 2-5-3, while continuing to train Scoring, the Cyclones did manage to get a qualifier, but suffered a humiliating 2-6 defeat in a match many pundits thought they should have won. Check it out for yourself: (285872718)

Season 31: V.224

Due to various commitments, Season 31 in Div V.224 saw Nat's interest in the game fall away, however the team still won its division and were directly promoted.

Season 32: IV.48

Promotion from V back to IV revived Nat's interest, along with an audacious gamble to switch to Playmaking training. Still within reach of a qualifier on the last day of Season 32, the Cyclones were demoted automatically, despite their best efforts and many closely fought games throughout the season. Season 32 will always be remembered fondly by NatTheRat1, due to the outstanding Series Forum contributions by fellow managers JaceTheAce, RevTonka, and Jebbyc, the loss to whom in Week 14 was ultimately responsible for the team's demotion. Week 14 match: (309135367)

Season 33: V.106

In season 33, the Cyclones topped Div V.106. A deliberate loss in the qualifier saw them 'camp' in the division for one more season. This, in Nat's opinion, was called for to stop the rot of 'yoyoing' between divisions. It should be noted that this decision had the wholehearted support of the rest of Div V.106, without whose agreement Nat would have promoted.

Season 34: V.106

The Cyclones won the Division and were directly promoted. "Time to go up," is how NatTheRat1 described the team's progress over the journey. Remarkably, they were promoted to what would become the top Div IV in Oceania.

Season 35: IV.5

At the end of the season, the Cyclones were sitting pretty on the top of the table, with 13 wins from 14 matches. The season was one heck of a fight with 6 of the 8 teams capable of 300+ hatstats, and the division being ranked No.1 in Oceanian Div IV's. Still, the Cyclones romped home in a season that Nat described as 'surreal'.

Season 36: III.9

Prior to the season starting, Nat was excited about the teams prospects, but realistic enough to know it would be tough. Week by week the Cyclones carved through their opposition, collecting a 5 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss record on the way to the mid-point of the season. At this stage Nat was getting even more excited but also concerned that some of his best players were being undertrained and played twice a week, as a Cup Run was brewing. It was soon apparent that it was getting difficult to choose between the League and the Cup. "We need to get knocked out of the Cup soon," he was heard murmuring. Unfortunately, or fortunately, that didn't happen until close to the end of the season! (see 'Cup Runs' below)

Season 37: III.9

Season 37 saw the team progress to Div II without a loss.

Seasons 38,39 and 40: Div II.1

On promotion, the Cyclones landed in the most difficult Div II series in Oceania. For all three seasons, the division was ranked 2 in the country, and only just behind the Pacific Premier. Cyclones results were sixth, first and first. In season 39, they copped an absolute drubbing in the qualifier, losing 6-0 to Melbourne Minataurs (425224965). However, the match engine smiled on the team the following season, with a sensational win vs the highly credentialed Newcastle Knights (440163069). Finally the Cyclones were able to wave goodbye to the trap of Div II.1, and into the highest league in the country. A definite 'out of the frying-pan, and into the fire' moment.

Season 41: The Pacific Premier

In another unbelievable run for the team, in season 41 the Cyclones finished the season second on the ladder by a solitary point. The result was astonishing given the massive chunk of luck they enjoyed combined with injuries and form issues for their opponents. Natstradamus scoffed at the suggestion that managerial prowess was also involved.

Season 42: The Pacific Premier

The team returned to reality with a thud.

Cup Runs

The Oceanian Cup

In seasons 33 and 34, the Cyclones made it to Round 7.

In Season 33, the Round 7 match vs. Infinite Monkeys (Div II) was an absolute cracker, and Nat was extremely pleased with the eventual 2-3 scoreline, despite the loss. You can check it out here: (331299314)

In season 34, the Cyclones put up their best ratings to date, amassing an impressive 315 hatstats (MOTS) in their Round 6 win over Div II team, Pukeko HFC. You can check it out here: (346684157) As expected, they were eliminated in the following match (Round 7) by Pacific Premier team, Hewish FC. Training won out on a coin toss, according to NatTheRat1. "We'll be back," were his final words.

Season 35 saw the team eliminated in the 6th round.

Season 37 saw the team bundled out in Round 7. It was clear that management was focusing on the league, but was it a week or two early? There are rumours that money is tight at the club.

Seasons 38, 39 and 40 were similarly disappointing for the team, with 5th round, 6th round and 8th round exits. The latter considered to be 'acceptable' by Natstradamus.

In Season 41, the Cyclones are still alive in the 10th round, their best result since Season 36.

Season 36

Season 36 was a dream. Somehow, the team kept winning tight matches, on PICs till about Round 8, and the run went from 'good' to 'unbelievable' very quickly. When it was all over, the Cyclones had defeated 4 Pacific Premier teams in a row, including the legendary Bondi 1893, on their way to a defeat in the Final to Seraph FC.

Highlights: |Round 9 vs. Hoggs Hoes (first home match) (378128428) |Round 10 vs. Bamboozled Symphony (PP team) (378328765) |Round 11 vs. Cotchin (PP team) (378528837) |Quarter Final vs. Bondi 1893 (PP team) (378729987) |Semi Final vs Kals Krew (PP team - neutral ground) (378928638) |Final vs Seraph FC (379127271)

Even from a layman's point of view, you can see why the Cup Run of Season 36 was so incredible. Unfortunately, it cost the Cyclones a chance at promotion, with the excitement of the Cup overtaking the League in importance.


Management would like it noted in the official Cyclones F.C. history that in Season 33, the team won the The GMC Cup. The Cyclones have competed in the GMC Cup for many seasons, and a combination of having relatively easy opponents in many league matches, and the opportunity to PIC all of them, allowed Nat to field his best team in the GMC Cup with good confidence and TS. Here you can see Luca Weingessl's heroics in the semi-final: (332846240) And here is the crowning glory of the final: (333044792) Both matches were at neutral venues.

The Crimson Horde

The current record is 3708 paid-up members.


The Eye of the Storm has been regularly upgraded over the seasons. The previous stadium, at 48,073, was sold out in the Round 7, Season 33 Oceanian Cup match vs Infinite Monkeys (see above). As the following League match also sold out, further construction was ordered, and The Eye of the Storm then held 57,000 spectators. A minor adjustment to proportions was called for, bringing the stadium up to 60,000. A further adjustment was called for after several games in season 35, making the stadium a whopping 70,000. Yet another minor adjustment has been ordered at the beginning of Season 38 which saw the stadium stand at an impressive 75,500 capacity. Currently the stadium stands at 85,000 capacity and is unlikely to be improved.

The name of the stadium, and indeed the team, is reminiscent of the sometimes cataclysmic weather in Queensland, and the Eye of the Storm refers to the one place where all is calm despite the whirlwind of emotions and anxiety surrounding the matches played there.


The initial coach given to the Cyclones has been lost to history. As has the Solid/Poor coach purchased soon after beginning the game. His name is on the tip of my tongue, but I just can't remember it. In any case, the two major influences on the team were:

Patryk Leończyk 20/12/09 - 27/10/11

Patryk oversaw the beginnings of the club's emergence from obscurity, and his influence can not be overstated. A master coach in his own right, Patryk's experience and leadership put the Cyclones on the map. He brought on the youngsters, and he helped put together the pieces that would later take the Cyclones to (near) the top of Oceania.

Ferruccio 'Frankie' Della Valle 27/10/11 - 15/5/13

Frankie continued Patryk's work, putting his own twist on the club. A more balanced coach, as opposed to Patryk's more offensive stance, Frankie has made the team into a more rounded and flexible unit. To this day he continues to coach at the high standards expected of him.

Robbie Mourish 15/5/13 - Date

Robbie is continuing the good work of the previous coaches, managing a highly-skilled and aging squad of experienced professionals.

The Future

Natstradamus sees the writing on the wall, and within a few seasons the team will need to be rebuilt. But at the moment, he thinks there is one or two seasons left in the current side. He is still enjoying the game and also manages a second team since the rules were changed.

Youth Team


For many (youth) seasons The Tornados youth academy competed in the GMC Youth League System, winning the Division 1 Championship in Season 3. Nowadays, The Tornados are more concerned with Training, and are no longer a part of the competitive GMC YL System.

The Tornados play their home games at the Edge of the Storm, the smaller and slightly less well looked after training ground next to the Eye of the Storm.


Tornados is a well established youth academy and has produced many star players. Among them are: Jade Cranshaw, who has six caps for the U-20 Oceania national team [1] and who currently plays for Elf Shredders. Daryl Morehu [2], currently playing for Menchester Utd. Hori Morrison [3], currently playing for sv H'dorp. Takai Brown [4], currently playing for Timizii. Shawn Mallett [5], currently playing for Pembroke Kings. Gordon Wooders [6], currently playing for Bogan's Boys.