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NatTheRat1 (9039148)
Team: Cyclones F.C.
Joined: 01.02.09
Gender: Male

NatTheRat1, aka Nastradamus, is the General Manager of Cyclones F.C., in Oceania.

Nat is an active member of the Oceanian Community, always quick with advice or an acid tongue. His many hours spent helping out on the OC and the Questions (English) forum have resulted in Cyclones F.C. being one of the most supported teams in Oceania. Nat is best known for his detachable behind, as he frequently seems to laugh his ass off.

Nat Supports

Manager Country Manager Country Manager Country Manager Country Manager Country Manager Country
Esquatcho Mundo Oceania TT--TT Oceania Dyna-Mikey England Jane Doe Denmark akoso Canada Broughy1322 England
brucereed Oceania Caritas England melbourne13 Oceania Canagoon England MiLK_MaN Oceania DrLot Oceania

Supports Nat

Manager Country Manager Country Manager Country Manager Country Manager Country Manager Country
Esquatcho_Mundo Oceania Dyna-Mikey England mozkaynak USA plasmide Switzerland pgatti Netherlands Drak_Valyd Oceania
Caritas England kent1981 England Envious Oceania Agbell79 Oceania agile76 Oceania aussiestyle Oceania
landycakes USA bosanquet Oceania Melvyn Oceania Oxodian Canada Interpower USA Ninab Oceania
Mod-SinnerZ Indonesia GrooBaN England OrangeStar Oceania DTulip Oceania identyshaker England senorswanky USA
iainlloyd Scotland crazysauer USA zooter2 Oceania canagoon England MelvinBragg Scotland Wampo Slovakia
MikeWho Oceania MichSpurs USA KleenexQQ Oceania aussie7798 Oceania DrLot Oceania jaydageezer Oceania
timberlakecrew USA Golumless Oceania pharbo Oceania akoso Canada melbourne13 Oceania In-Tuo Oceania
kilwz England colby11 Oceania kulee Turkey BoRn2ReIgN Oceania 888forthewin Oceania ownerofED Oceania
JamesA England the_aysh Oceania leeny63 Oceania bkk_marc USA JaceTheAce Oceania mattlamb Oceania
WozzaNoski Oceania Slstickney USA DeansQPR Oceania SabaiTjet Kampuchea beatleboyo France Ballakowski Germany
RDavidB India kurrajong Oceania ManxMan86 USA DwightKSchrute USA Crabwalking Oceania Broughy1322 England


Nat has been a Scout for the Oceanian National team, and currently administers the Oceanian Mentoring Program, helping new users to learn the ropes.

In the past he regularly appeared on the The_OH_Show, a radio broadcast on


Nat is a long time member of the The General Managers Club.

He also founded the Global Playmaking Federation.