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Delphikonferensen is a Swedish offsite Hattrick conference with a long history.

In the early years of Hattrick there was no internal conference on Hattrick. Instead all the Hattrickers hung around at a conference on the Swedish site of Passagen. Because there was no registration at the Passagen conference, it wasn't possible to moderate it properly and there was frequent abuse. Instead the user Baloo started up a forum on Delphi known as Delphikonferensen on March the 22nd 2000. This forum became the semiofficial Hattrick conference, where the Hattrick Team and the GameMasters frequently made announcements. Delphikonferensen was purely Swedish, but soon another forum, Hattrick International was added for English speaking users.

The number of visitors at Delphikonferensen dropped significantly in 2002 when a new and improved internal conference was coded by HT-Jonas. The users at Delphikonferensen were asked about which features of the conference were important to include into the new internal Hattrick conference.

However Delphikonferensen still remains in use by a small dedicated community of users, in some aspects filling the same function as a federation of veteran users. One important feature of Delphikonferensen is that old threads never died and thus it contained an important part of the history of Hattrick as all the old threads are still there to read and even to post in. The history of Hattrick is also tracked in a special thread called Hattriks Historia (English translation = The History of Hattrick) where Geddan, manager of Gäddträsket, adds some new notes each season.

This is also the home of one of the oldest (still going) friendly tournaments in Hattrick, called Delphi Cup.

Some people might think that the visitors to Delphikonferensen are just old nostalgic nerds. But they are not. Sometimes pretty young and innocent Hattrick users visits the site as well, just to get some useful information from the "gamla rävar".

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