Diekrecher Ieselen

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Diekrecher Ieselen (463330)
HT-User: Woozie
Country: Lëtzebuerg
Region: Dikrech
Prize shelf: Division III.PNGDivision III.PNGDivision III.PNGDivision II.PNGDivision II.PNGDivision III.PNG
Arena: Diekrecher Ieselen Arena

Diekrecher Ieselen is the team in Lëtzebuerg with the most achievement points and it is also on the world top 10 list of achievers in Hattrick. In autumn 2009 the team was ranked second in the world, in august 2009 it became the 5th Hattrick team to get more than 700 achievement points.

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