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The achievements feature was introduced in global season 31 (03/12/2006) to give every user a better gaming experience. This means that everyone in the game receives points for different things he/she has achieved in the game like founding a federation, buying/selling a player, writing a conference post and climbing up the rankings.

You can find the achievements list in the manager page in the "Latest achievements" link on the right.

All achievements list

The number of achievements and related points has changed over time, and at first it was even kept secret to increase the community participation (users had to seek for new achievements and then make public on the forum those that had been discovered).

On the 16th of September 2009, the achievements lay-out was changed and it was possible to see the different levels for each achievement. This proved, for example, that the maximum average rating was Magical (18) and the then unknown 70 points were rewarded on star and federation achievements.

After they have all been discovered the Hattrick Team made officially visible a full list.

There are 29 achievements and 983 points to collect.

In addition, there are also 3 achievements which give no points: they are the extra "Milestone" achievement (introduced on August 2017 as a gift to the user during the celebrations of the 20th anniversary of the game) and two achievements nowadays erased and impossible to obtain.


14 achievements (13 still active), 415 collectable points (one achievement with zero points).
  1. Climbing the ladder (100 points)
    Team was ranked amongst the top X (11 ranks).
    Ach 1 1.png 1 = 100 pts
    Ach 1 2.png 2 - 50 = 50 pts
    Ach 1 3.png 51 - 100 = 45 pts
    Ach 1 4.png 101 - 500 = 40 pts
    Ach 1 5.png 501 - 1 000 = 35 pts
    Ach 1 6.png 1 001 - 2 000 = 30 pts
    Ach 1 7.png 2 001 - 3 000 = 25 pts
    Ach 1 8.png 3 001 - 5 000 = 20 pts
    Ach 1 9.png 5 001 - 10 000 = 15 pts
    Ach 1 10.png 10 001 - 15 000 = 10 pts
    Ach 1 11.png 15 001 - 25 000 = 5 pts
  2. I want you (10 points)
    Ach 2.png Bought a player.
  3. Get out of here (10 points)
    Ach 3.png Sold a previously purchased player.
  4. Practice makes perfect (10 points)
    Ach 8.png Player's skill increased. (Stamina, form and experience are not included).
  5. Play the Lottery (10 points)
    Ach 9.png Scouted a new player.
  6. Let’s do this again (10 points)
    Ach 10.png Sold a rebought youth player.
  7. I want you back (10 points)
    Ach 11.png Rebought a former youth player.
  8. Cup Heroes (65 points)
    Advanced from round X in the Cups (5 ranks).
    Ach 21 1.png 14 = 65 pts
    Ach 21 2.png 13 = 45 pts
    Ach 21 3.png 10 = 35 pts
    Ach 21 4.png 7 = 20 pts
    Ach 21 5.png 3 = 10 pts
  9. All that skill (80 points)
    Total TSI of the squad exceeded X (8 ranks).
    Ach 23 1.png 2 000 000+ = 80 pts
    Ach 23 2.png 1 500 000+ = 65 pts
    Ach 23 3.png 1 200 000+ = 50 pts
    Ach 23 4.png 600 000+ = 30 pts
    Ach 23 5.png 300 000+ = 20 pts
    Ach 23 6.png 160 000+ = 15 pts
    Ach 23 7.png 80 000+ = 10 pts
    Ach 23 8.png 30 000+ = 5 pts
  10. Cash is king (35 points)
    The money in your account exceeded X (4 ranks).
    Ach 31 1.png 10 000 000+ = 35 pts
    Ach 31 2.png 5 000 000+ = 25 pts
    Ach 31 3.png 2 000 000+ = 15 pts
    Ach 31 4.png 500 000+ = 5 pts
  11. We’re so loved (50 points)
    Fan club size exceeded X members (4 ranks).
    Ach 32 1.png 3 500+ = 50 pts
    Ach 32 2.png 3 000+ = 30 pts
    Ach 32 3.png 2 000+ = 15 pts
    Ach 32 4.png 1 000+ = 5 pts
  12. Eternal life (15 points)
    Ach 33.png Promoted a player to the Hall of Fame.
  13. Investment return (10 points)
    Ach 34.png Sold a youth player.
  14. Met Bob at the bank (0 points (*), deleted achievement)
    Bought at least X bonds(**) at Banque Sunesson (4 ranks).
    Ach 35 1.png 10 Bonds (account over 150 million US$) = 0 pts
    Ach 35 2.png 5 Bonds (account over 100 million US$) = 0 pts
    Ach 35 3.png 1 Bond (account over 60 million US$) = 0 pts

(*) They were 15, 10 and 5 points (at first the achievement was worth 50, 75 and 100 points, but this was changed afree just one day).
(**) Bond was introduced on 15 november 2010 and then quickly dismissed. You needed at least 50 million US$ in your account to buy one bond and each had a value of 10 million US$.
It leaked though a week before when it showed up in the list of achievements and was gained by HT-Josef. It was removed as of season 55.


7 achievements, 303 collectable points
  1. We’re so good (63 points)
    Team reached an average match rating of X (15 ranks).
    Ach 6 1.png magical (18) = 63 pts
    Ach 6 2.png mythical (17) = 56 pts
    Ach 6 3.png extra-terrestrial (16) = 50 pts
    Ach 6 4.png titanic (15) = 44 pts
    Ach 6 5.png supernatural (14) = 39 pts
    Ach 6 6.png world class (13) = 34 pts
    Ach 6 7.png magnificent (12) = 29 pts
    Ach 6 8.png brilliant (11) = 25 pts
    Ach 6 9.png outstanding (10) = 21 pts
    Ach 6 10.png formidable (9) = 17 pts
    Ach 6 11.png excellent (8) = 14 pts
    Ach 6 12.png solid (7) = 11 pts
    Ach 6 13.png passable (6) = 8 pts
    Ach 6 14.png inadequate (5) = 6 pts
    Ach 6 15.png weak (4) = 4 pts
  2. Friends from abroad (10 points)
    Ach 7.png Played an international friendly match.
  3. Star collector (100 points)
    Team reached at least X stars in a match (12 ranks).
    Ach 22 1.png 120+ = 100 pts
    Ach 22 2.png 115+ = 85 pts
    Ach 22 3.png 110+ = 70 pts
    Ach 22 4.png 100+ = 60 pts
    Ach 22 5.png 90+ = 50 pts
    Ach 22 6.png 80+ = 35 pts
    Ach 22 7.png 70+ = 30 pts
    Ach 22 8.png 60+ = 25 pts
    Ach 22 9.png 50+ = 20 pts
    Ach 22 10.png 40+ = 15 pts
    Ach 22 11.png 30+ = 10 pts
    Ach 22 12.png 20+ = 5 pts
  4. Home-grown lineup (25 points)
    Ach 25.png All players in your starting lineup originate from your own club and the average age is over 18.
  5. Veteran lineup (35 points)
    Ach 26.png The average age(*) of your starting lineup is over 35.
  6. Youthful lineup (35 points)
    Ach 27.png The average age(*) of your starting lineup is below 18 (and at least one player originates from another club).
  7. Academy lineup (35 points)
    Ach 28.png All players in your starting lineup originate from your own club and the average age is below 18.

(*) Only full years, not days, are taken into account for this achievement.


5 achievements, 205 collectable points (one achievement with zero points).
  1. Stop the press (10 points)
    Ach 4.png Wrote a press announcement.
  2. The world needs to know (10 points)
    Ach 5.png Wrote a forum post.
  3. National hero (50 points)
    Ach 14.png Finished term as the coach of a national team.
  4. Principal of the nation (35 points)
    Ach 15.png Finished term as the coach of a U-20 national team.
  5. Join my revolution (100 points)
    Founded federation, received at least X members (8 ranks).
    Ach 16 1.png unknown(*) = 100 pts
    Ach 16 2.png 2 000+ = 60 pts
    Ach 16 3.png 1 000+ = 40 pts
    Ach 16 4.png 500+ = 30 pts
    Ach 16 5.png 100+ = 20 pts
    Ach 16 6.png 50+ = 15 pts
    Ach 16 7.png 10+ = 10 pts
    Ach 16 8.png 5+ = 5 pts
EXTRA.(**) Milestone (0 points)
Played Hattrick for X years (7 ranks).
Ach 36 7.png 20 year = 0 pts
Ach 36 6.png 15 year = 0 pts
Ach 36 5.png 10 year = 0 pts
Ach 36 4.png 5 year = 0 pts
Ach 36 3.png 3 year = 0 pts
Ach 36 2.png 2 year = 0 pts
Ach 36 1.png 1 year = 0 pts

(*) This is the only never achieved and still unknown achievement.
(**) This is not a regular achievement because to get it you don't have to do anything but stay in the game for years.

Special Awards

5 achievements (4 still active), 60 collectable points (one achievement with zero points).
  1. Nasty squad (15 points)
    Ach 17.png The average player personality in your squad is close to nasty
  2. Honest Squad (15 points)
    Ach 18.png The average player personality in your squad is close to righteous
  3. Nice squad (15 points)
    Ach 19.png The average player personality in your squad is close to popular
  4. Dishonest Squad (15 points)
    Ach 20.png The average player personality in your squad is close to infamous
  5. Non-spender (0 points (*), deleted achievement)
    Ach 24.png Team has 0 expenses

(*) This was 15 points, but has been removed as of 11/08/2009, three data after HT-Stefan announced that it would be removed. This achievement was only possible for new team if they did nothing in the first week; old teams once had the chance to achieve it during "salary free week" (but only if they teared down their arena, gave up youth and fired all staff).
After reaction by MD-JakobTrier and others who achieved it using the latter way, the achievement was returned but only symbolic being worth 0 points.


Weekly Updates

Not all achievements are updated immediately; indeed, most of them require the weekly update time to be displayed.

Some managers furiously post in the forum asking why the achievement was not assigned, while, before worrying about anything, it is useful to keep in mind the update days (table below).

Weekly Updates table
Achievement Update Details
Ach 1 1.png Climbing the ladder (Team was ranked amongst the top X) Monday
Ach 32 1.png We're so loved (Fan club size exceeded X members) Monday & Thursday
Ach 21 1.png Cup Heroes (Advanced from round X in the Cup) Tuesday Recalculated once a week,
Tuesdays around 6:15 AM HT time.
Ach 22 1.png Star collector (Team reached at least X stars in a match) Tuesday
Ach 6 1.png We're so good (Team reached an average match rating of X) Tuesday
Ach 7.png Friends from abroad (Played international friendly match) Tuesday
Ach 28.png Academy lineup (Home-grown & Academy lineup) Tuesday
Ach 27.png Youthful lineup (Youthful & Veteran lineup) Tuesday
Ach 8.png Practice makes perfect (Player's skill increased) Friday
Ach 6 1.png We're so good (Founded federation, received more than X members) Friday
Ach 23 1.png All that skill (Total TSI of the squad exceeded X) Weekly economic update
Ach 19.png Nice Squad (Nice & Nasty squad)
Ach 18.png Honest Squad (Honest & Dishonest squad)
Ach 31 1.png Cash is king (The Money on your account exceeded X)
Ach 35 1.png Met Bob at the bank (Bought at least X bonds) instant update
Ach 2.png I want you (Bought player / Sold player)
Ach 9.png Play the Lottery (Scouted / Sold / Rebought / Sold a rebought youth player)
Ach 4.png Stop the press (Wrote a press announcement or forum post)
Ach 33.png Eternal life (Promoted player to the Hall of Fame)
Ach 14.png National hero (Elected coach of national team & U-20) At the end of term

Top Achievers

List of teams with 900 achievement's points and more:

# Nat. User Team Points
1 Spain ercanto Dandy de Tazmania 2 923
2 Romania maryusika Broscute 913
3 Poland psyche Psyche Staroźreby 906
4 Czech Republic Gambit Gambiti 906
5 Switzerland Torn_ Castelldefels 900

Samples of hard to get achievements

A list of very difficult achievements and the number of user that got them in 2012:

  1. Team reached 120+ stars in a match: 1 team
  2. Team reached 115+ stars in a match: 11 teams
  3. Bought at least 10 bonds: 43 teams
  4. Team reached 110+ stars in a match: 51 teams
  5. Team reached an average match rating of extra-terrestrial: 15 teams
  6. Founded federation, received 2 000+ members: 4 teams
  7. Founded federation, received 1 000+ members: 20 teams
  8. Founded federation, received 500+ members: ~ 500 teams
  9. Advanced from round 14 in the Cup: ~ 550 teams
  10. Elected coach of national team: ~ 600 teams
  11. Elected coach of national U20 team: ~ 650 teams

Samples of Non-achievements

In the early day, while trying to guess to real achevements, someone has proposed these as possible areas to investigate:

  1. Fiery squad (i.e. both teams in this match)
  2. Tranquil Squad
  3. Start a federation (you need to get at least 5 member within a week to get this)
  4. Join a federation
  5. Becoming a GM or LA or Mod or Editor
  6. Becoming champions in your league
  7. Win the National Cup
  8. Win Hattrick Masters
  9. Go a season unbeaten in your league
  10. Win all league games in a season
  11. Have a top scorer in your team
  12. Player scores a hattrick
  13. Start to support a team or Getting support from another player
  14. Fire a player
  15. Hire/Fire specialists
  16. Get Mother Club money
  17. Founding youth team
  18. Buy your own youth player from yourself on the transfer market
  19. Buy another team's youth pull (i.e. no "bought youth player")
  20. Write a notice for the youth team
  21. Write a guestbook comment
  22. Edit press announcement
  23. Change training or training intensity
  24. Change coach or recruiting a coach from your players
  25. Expand Stadium
  26. Increase investment in your youth squad
  27. Promote players from youth academy
  28. Train a player to Divine
  29. Field a lineup of homegrown veteran (average age 35+) (i.e. (158099878))
  30. Change your team kit
  31. Expenses equal revenue any given week
  32. Reach divine skill in any tactics
  33. Reach divine skill in Counter-Attack tactics
  34. Playing matches where all the players on the ground have the same nationality or a different nationality
  35. Playing a match with players on the ground having a speciality
  36. Playing a match with all the players with same (last) name [i.e. matchID: 226368810]
  37. Get a NT player or a U20 player in the team squad
  38. Host a National Team or U-20 match
  39. Get a new flag (though international friendlies give points)
  40. Get a full flag collection
  41. Make a homepage for your team
  42. Buy credits
  43. Renew Supportership
  44. Daytrading (buying player and putting it to transfer list same day and selling it with profit)


Achievements have been plagued by a number of bugs, many of which have since been fixed. The following bugs are known to have existed and been corrected:

  • On the 16th of January 2008, Hattrick announces in a My Hattrick message that a long suspected bug which was probably introduced during the upgrade of several parts of the site on the 5th of November 2007 was now fixed.

We have at last found the nasty bug which has stopped the achievement updates from working properly. In matches played after 2008-01-15 10.00 the achievements update should work as usual again. Unfortunately we can not do any retroactive update of older achievements (made while the updates were malfunctioning). Sadly enough, this means any achievement taken during this period will be forever lost.

Achievements affected by this bug were the Home-grown lineup and Academy lineup. Also the Team reached X stars in a match achievement did not function properly in this period.
  • When this achievement bug fix was announced a new bug was introduced meaning that you would get star achievements not only if the stars of the 11 players (or less) who finish you game in total yields enough stars totally to reach the next level (see below for levels), now the stars of injured players were also included in this calculation making it easier to get star achievements if one or more players were injured in a game. This bug was fixed on the 1st of February 2008.
  • Around the 19th of April 2008, part of the site was upgraded to ".Net" and the calculation of how common achievements are was altered but the calculation of the number of U20 and NT coaches was about 3/4 of a million too high. The numbers for how many was elected U20 and NT coach was altered a few days later after a bug report was made. GM-marnow gave this explanation for the change made on the achievement page of each club team:

Previously the achievements counters were just increased when someone got the achievement. Currently they should reflect only statistics for currently active users. You may now see changes every week (numbers can both go up & down, previously they would only go up).

  • Near the end of 2008, following the introduction of the redesign 2008, the Promoted Player to Hall of Fame achievement began working for the first time.
  • On the 22nd of April 2009, HT-Stefan announced that he was working to debug all achievement issues. Numerous achievement bugs were fixed including: average match rating, the top 2 tiers of total team TSI, pulled a youth player (didn't work with the Youth Academy), sold a youth player, and also some text language issues (e.g. Team was ranked 1919 changed to Team was ranked amongst the top 2000).
  • On the 5th of October 2009 HT-Stefan announced the ranking achievement worked again, it had been broke for nearly 1,5 season. During that time the achievement for reaching ranking 1 was the only that had been updated.


   Magnifier.png   Further information: Hattrick team massages about Achievements

They were announced in this editorial by the following announcement:

Hattrick announces
Next season will also see the start of a totally new alternative career feature: Achievements 27/11/2006
Unfortunately, the bitter truth is that not everyone can win the cup or the top league in Hattrick, so we think it’s important that there is a possibility to focus on an alternative career. Alternative careers (the more, the merrier!) give the game depth and give everyone a better gaming experience. Some people focus on being the best forward trainer, some focus on collecting flags and other focus on being an active member of the community for example. Now we add yet another career possibility: achievements.

Shortly put, this feature means you’ll get points for different things you’ve achieved in the game. Winning your league or advancing some rounds in the cup, for example, will give you some points, as will receiving a certain amount of stars in a match. Moreover you will also receive points for other things in the game like founding a federation, buying/selling a player, writing a conference post, climbing up the rankings and becoming a National coach. Most achievements will be known, but there will also be some hidden achievements to seek for.

Your achievements will be visible from your menu and your user page. Both the points you’ve achieved and the maximum points you can achieve will be shown.