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Drakonians CF (261819)
Preceded by
FC Canniballz
Season 46
Succeeded by
Managed by -Andrew-
Club information
Location Śląskie Polska
Geographic area Central Europe
StadiumPolski Teatr Marzeń (100 000 seats)
Fan ClubStrachliwe Maślaki
Team colours
http://res.hattrick.org/kits/10/96/960/959573/matchKitlarge.png http://res.hattrick.org/kits/10/96/960/959010/matchKitlarge.png
Prize shelf
HT Masters.PNG Cupseason56.png Cupseason56.png

Division II.PNG II.2 Division II.PNG II.2 Division III.PNG III.3 Division III.PNG III.6

Division IV.PNG IV.46 Division V.PNG V.73 Division VI.PNG VI.989

Division VII.PNG VII.186 Division VII.PNG VII.330 Division VII.PNG VII.948

Division VIII.PNG VIII.964 Division VIII.PNG VIII.1150
Last update: 20-03-2013

Drakonians CF is a Polish team managed by -Andrew-, Hattrick Masters runner-up season 45 and champion season 46.

Prize shelf

  • Division II.PNG Series Champions II.2 season 38 (50)
  • Division III.PNG Series Champions III.6 season 37 (49)
  • HT Masters.PNG Hattrick Masters Champion (global) season 46
  • Cupseason56.png Puchar Polski Cup winner season 33 (45)
Division II.PNG Series Champions II.2 season 33 (45)
  • Cupseason56.png Puchar Polski Cup winner season 32 (44)
Division III.PNG Series Champions III.6 season 32 (44)
  • Division IV.PNG Series Champions IV.46 season 31 (43)
  • Division V.PNG Series Champions V.73 season 30 (42)
  • Division VI.PNG Series Champions VI.989 season 29 (41)
  • Division VII.PNG Series Champions VII.186 season 28 (40)
  • Division VIII.PNG Series Champions VIII.1150 season 27 (39)
  • Division VIII.PNG Series Champions VIII.964 season 24 (36)
  • Division VII.PNG Series Champions VII.330 season 18 (30)
  • Division VII.PNG Series Champions VII.948 season 16 (28)


2 (Champion season 44, 45)
1 (Champion (global) season 46)


An interview with Andrew. The HT Masters winner.

Written by dantekavala (06/10/2011 05:47)

How do you go about reaching the finals of the Hattrick Masters? Pure luck combined with great tactical and managerial skills plus experience? And how about winning the Hattrick Masters? Who better to tell us then the winner of the Hattrick Masters of this season, who by the way also was losing finalist last season...

First of all i would like to thank you of behalf of the global community for your interview and to congratulate you for winning the HT Masters.

Hello, the pleasure is mine (if there is someone in the world who wants to read my words and thoughts about the game we all are playing).

Tell us about your team. What is the inspiration for your team name? And how did you learn about Hattrick?

Drakonians as all of you know is, or better said, was the result of a long-term planning which began six or even more seasons ago. It was a team built in the most efficient way possible, I mean I couldn't make it better. Of course it was far from perfect and had some tiny defects, but in the end it was capable of winning the most beautiful and coveted trophy out here.

Why Drakonians? Well, the original logo of the team contained the answer. Do you remember it? There was an inscription beneath: "Quidquid agis, prudenter agas et respice finem" which means: "Whatever you do, do cautiously, and look to the end" and if you don't follow it you will suffer heavy punishment. (Sokrates and Drakon); In brief the name is my tribute for ancient ideas and knowledge.

I learned about Hattrick from my high school fellows many, many years ago.

Did you have a mentor at the beginning of your career to help and guide you through the first steps of running your team?

No, I studied Hattrick on my own. It was really hard at the very beginning and I made a lot of simple mistakes but I didn't give up. After some time I found two teams from whom I learn a little bit about trading but I don't remember their names.

Do you have a tactic all these years in the game? Are there any secrets that made you to succeed?

What is football? It is a large business powered by cash, both in Hattrick and in the real world. So what do you need for a strong team? It's not a secret, you need plenty of money. That's look like everything spins around them but of course it is not only cash what let you win. I saw a lot of wealthy teams managed senselessly who never attain their potential. Creative thinking, patience and openness for new ideas... that is all you need to achieve good results.

Your history in Hattrick is really admirable. What can you say about the last year’s final of masters and what about this year’s event?

These games were crazy, both of them and show how chaotic is the match engine. Let's start from the beginning.

match #1: Drakonians CF 1 - 2 FC Canniballz (331705824)

Cannibalz with lower possesion gets 5 chances while I only get 2. Disproportion visible to the naked eye is the result of the weakest point of entire hattrick - huge randomness of the match engine. When at the first I saw the result and the ratings I was really disgusted, who wouldn't be in my place? If I had to play that game a thousand times I would always play it that way.

match #2: The Darker Side 2 - 4 Drakonians CF (347274682)

Another silly thing happend here. In 19' my team pulls back and I lose all of the advantage. Come on in 19', is it a joke? With lowered attack ratings I was exposed for counters and of course The Darker gets them. 2 of 3 his chances go over his only good attack side and allow him to score two goals. Fortunately some weird things after pullback gave me a trophy but honestly they shouldn't have, considering the difference between the attack and defense ratings.

I'm of course really glad that I won it but on the other hand I can't be completely satisfied while the game engine does not work very well.

"National Team manager, Andrew." What do you think about this?

In the near future it is not probable, but after some time in which I need to learn all about the national team, to know how it works and so on I may run in the elections. However at the moment I cannot say it for certain.

With two cups and one HM is strange we haven’t seen you winning the league. Have you set it as a target, winning the league or is it something that you are not interested in these days?

It is the first season I play in the top league in Poland so I didn't have a chance to take the title before. I tried to win it now but after a few weird matches I decided to take a break from active playing. For the last missing trophy I 'll have to wait a while but it's fortunate that I have something that I can come back for, with a new and stronger team of course :)

You are going very well in 3 events (league, cup, masters). How do you manage it with only 16 players?

Wrong, I was going but were there only 16? Maybe at a specific moment. However, for most of the time I tried to have more players. Except top eleven there were many substitutes with similar skills to the others. Trust me with wide team you can play matches even every day and have nothing to worry about. If one player is out the other can takes his place. Bad form or injures are not dangerous.

How do you deal with so high salaries? Training, trading or just hoarded money from the past?

I had generous profits from the tickets, sponsors and awards and these revenues had nearly totally covered the expenses. Remaining money was taken from the savings but it was only a slight fragment of the entire budget. Anyways, I didn't pay high salaries for all the time, they were only temporary. Usually my salaries oscillates around 1M € per week and were decreasing gradually. My target was to set them around 0,75 M or even lower.

What is your opinion about the changes that HTs released at the beginning of this season?

Hmm, what did they release? I missed something? I only heard about lowering salaries what I my opinion was really good move. Thanks to it for many people appear an opportunity to improve their teams without exceeding allowed cash limits. I think it is good and may speed up the development of each team.

Do you want to give some advice to those who read now?

But is there anybody who's still reading this? :) I can tell you the same what I've already told to the polish community. I'd like to wish you a lot of patience with managing your teams. Every single step is bringing you closer to the top and all you have to do is to stop making simple mistakes with training, team-building and so on. If you begin to think and act more creatively or efficiently you will be on the best way to get that Hattrick Masters trophy for your own.

Thank you very much for your time and I wish to continue your wonderful journey in Hattrick.

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