EM tactic

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EM tactic

The tactic got its fame by EEEEEM, one of the luckiest ever HT manager in Hong Kong (HKG), on 12 June 2010, Round 8 of D.1 in HKG, Season 26 (42)

This crazy formation ends at 4-2 victory, which is the biggest surprise win (158) in HKG for (at least) last 12 seasons, and probably top 10 surprise win in the World in this season

terry 2-4 EM

Match Rating

Rating details
Love Mimi Football ClubBEYOU36
Midfieldformidable (high)outstanding (very low)
Right Defenceworld class (very low)inadequate (low)
Central Defencemagnificent (low)passable (high)
Left Defencemagnificent (high)inadequate (low)
Right Attackworld class (low)inadequate (low)
Central Attackworld class (very high)outstanding (low)
Left Attackworld class (high)weak (very high)

HatStats (total only)400242

Indirect set pieces
Defenceexcellent (very low)solid (very low)
Attackexcellent (very low)passable (high)

Team Attitude(Hidden)(Hidden)
TacticNormalAttack in the Middle
Tactic skill(no tactic)extra-terrestrial

Chances shown

Minute Team Chance Source Coverted? Score
11'EMCentral AttackGOAL0-1
21'EMCorner + HeadGOAL0-2
22'EMCentral AttackGOAL0-3
23'terryRight AttackGOAL1-3
29'EMCentral Attackmissed1-3
30'terryIndirect Freekickmissed1-3
54'EMCentral AttackGOAL1-4
60'terryCentral AttackGOAL2-4
72'terryRight Attackmissed2-4

Tactical Positioning

Using 7 IMs and 3 FWs and AIM to try to get positive result

CD off
CD off
W t M
IM off
IM off
IM off
W t M