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EEEEEM was the manager of BEYOU36, a club from Hong Kong. He won one of the luckiest ever match in Hattrick with his personal version of All-out Attack strategy.

Before the worldwide attention gained with his incredible performance, EEEEEM "served" as coach his country's U-20 in WC 11 and WC 12 (03 Mar. 2008 - 25 May 2009)and NT in WC 14 and WC 15 (14 Sept. 2009 - 06 Dec. 2010).

EM tactic

The EM tactic (the way the forum twisted the username EEEEEM) is a 0-7-3 extreme formation as the only defenders are positioned offensive and they are IMs with no defence skill.

It suddenly claim to international fame on 12 June 2010, when Round 8 of season 26 (g.s. 42)of HKG D.1 was played. In this crucial game, BEYOU36 team played away at Love Mimi Football Club arena. EEEEEM fielded a crazy line-up to get positive result, using 7 IMs and 3 FWs and AIM, that earned him a triumphal 4-2.

It was the biggest surprise in HKG, and probably a World top 10 luckiest victory for that season.


CD off
CD off
W t M
IM off
IM off
IM off
W t M

Match Rating

Rating detailsLove Mimi Football ClubBEYOU36
Midfieldformidable (high)outstanding (very low)
Right Defenceworld class (very low)inadequate (low)
Central Defencemagnificent (low)passable (high)
Left Defencemagnificent (high)inadequate (low)
Right Attackworld class (low)inadequate (low)
Central Attackworld class (very high)outstanding (low)
Left Attackworld class (high)weak (very high)

HatStats (total only)400242

Indirect set pieces
Defenceexcellent (very low)solid (very low)
Attackexcellent (very low)passable (high)

Team Attitude(Hidden)(Hidden)
TacticNormalAttack in the Middle
Tactic skill(no tactic)extra-terrestrial

Match Report

Minute Team Chance Source Result Score
11'EMCentral AttackGOAL0-1
21'EMCorner + HeadGOAL0-2
22'EMCentral AttackGOAL0-3
23'terryRight AttackGOAL1-3
29'EMCentral Attackmissed1-3
30'terryIndirect Freekickmissed1-3
54'EMCentral AttackGOAL1-4
60'terryCentral AttackGOAL2-4
72'terryRight Attackmissed2-4