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Play a All-out Attack (AoA) strategy means neglecting the defense to increase midfield and attack ratings, balacing them in relation to the opponent. A good manager can understand when it is necessary to give up something in attack to have more ball possession, or when it is better to have very strong attacks rather than over-boost midfield ratings.

This strategy is known by several names, representing different shades: All out tactics, All Offensive, Schweinetaktik in German, Tutti Avanti in Italian and also the Norwegian or Sunda tactic.


The "all out tactics" concentrates on getting as high possession as possible.

The ratings of midfield and three sectors of attack can be calibrated based on line-up you go for:

  • Attack in the middle (abbreviation AIM) and more strength in midfield: you can use 2 offensive defenders, wingers towards the center to increase your midfield and possession (at the expense of the lateral attack);
  • AoW and side attacks: you can set offensive wingers offensive wing back(s) to have strong lateral attack(s), if you think you already have a better midfield than ypur opponent.


The all out tactics highly relies on getting all chances in a game, as normally such a team does not have a great defence (due to the offensive central defenders). The counter tactics are then of course:

  • Having a massive central defence and play Counter Attack
  • Somehow still winning the midfield
  • Playing 4-5-1. If you can keep the midfield close enough to still get chances, you'll be able to score goals, even with a feeble attack

Norwegian vs. All out

Norwegian (sometimes called "Sunda") tactic is a strategy where all defencemen, inner midfielders and wingers are offensive. The idea was to concentrate all forces using extreme formations (no longer allowed today) to gain ball possession and strong attack disregarding the defence.

It is often mistaken with a All-out Attack, but they're really not the same. AoA concentrates instead on boosting midfield (possession), even at expense of attack (for example playing both wingers toward middle).

The following table summarises the differences between them:

Norwegian tactic All out tactic
Gain at least 6 chances, score at least 5.
Gain all the chances in the game.
The idea If you score 5 goals while opponent can only score 4, you need no defence, you'll win anyway. If you gain all the chances in the game the opponent won't score and with so many chances you must score something even with weak attack.
Means used Possession >59%
Attacks (at least central attack or both wings) equal or stronger than opponent's defences.
Extremely high midfield.
Lineups used 3-5-2, 3-4-3, (2-5-3) 3-5-2, (2-5-3)
Tactics used AIM, AOW, normal AIM
Players used Two or three inner midfielders
Two or three forwards
Wingers offensive or towards middle
One or two offensive central defenders
One or two offensive wing backs
Three inner midfielders
Two forwards
Two wingers towards middle
Two offensive central defenders
(Wingbacks don't really matter)
Counter tactics
a) Strong midfield (possession >44%) with central defence (if opponent is playing AIM) or both wing defences (if AOW/normal) stronger then opponents attacks.
b) All defences much, much stronger than his attacks, counter attack.
Boosting central defence, CA and/or possession >39%.

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