FC Grey Eminence

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FC Grey Eminence (231612)
Official logo for FC Grey Eminence
Region Rīga
Country  Latvija
Geografic area Northern Europe
Continent Europe
Foundation 31.03.2004
Stadium Palace of Darkness (60 000 seats)
Fan club naivu atbalstītāju bariņš (1 953 members)
League V.59
President Latvija Eminence


Coach Argentina Jacques Leitao


Prize shelf
Series Champions IV.43(Latvija) Season 25Series Champions V.107(Latvija) Season 10Series Champions V.193(Latvija) Season 14Series Champions V.149(Latvija) Season 21

Top Scorer IV.43(Latvija) Season 24Top Scorer IV.43(Latvija) Season 25Top Scorer V.107(Latvija) Season 8Top Scorer V.149(Latvija) Season 21

Team colours

FC Grey Eminence is Latvian football club from Rīga.

The Team[edit]

Foundation History[edit]

FC Grey Eminence was founded March 31st, 2004 as Zigalo. But June 8th, 2004 Zigalo was renamed to FC Grey Eminence.

Current squad[edit]

1 Latvija Oļģerts Ignatovičs LatvijaFC Grey Eminence
10 Latvija Dāvids Zeriņš LatvijaFC Grey Eminence
14 Latvija Yury Khvostov LatvijaFC Grey Eminence
23 Latvija [Igors Ringe]] LatvijaFC Grey Eminence
98 Argentina Jacques Leitao Türkiyesexy-boys
99 Deutschland Erhart Neergaard NorgeTerje Riders
Israel Assaf Marcus NorgeTerje Riders
Deutschland Daniel Kloppe NorgeTerje Riders
España David Torrego NorgeTerje Riders
Portugal Eliseu da Silva RossiyaLifeIsGood
Österreich Eugen Rappold NorgeTerje Riders
Česká republika Felix Rybka NorgeTerje Riders
Italia Flavio Gravina RossiyaLifeIsGood
South Africa Gatsha Ndzamela NorgeTerje Riders
Danmark Gustav Andersen NorgeTerje Riders
Sverige Håkan Forsling RossiyaLifeIsGood
Deutschland Jannick Hee RossiyaLifeIsGood
Schweiz John Decurtins NorgeTerje Riders
Deutschland Liam Schneewitchen NorgeTerje Riders
Slovensko Lukáš Kiškáš RossiyaLifeIsGood
România Mãdãlin Preda RossiyaLifeIsGood
Portugal Olimpio Rocha NorgeTerje Riders
Polska Radosław Wyjadłowski NorgeTerje Riders
España Ramon Cadanet RossiyaLifeIsGood
Deutschland Rico Damboeck RossiyaLifeIsGood
France Robin Thouret NorgeTerje Riders
Türkiye Şener Oflazer NorgeTerje Riders
Chile Teodoro Massa RossiyaLifeIsGood
Deutschland Uwe Philipp Stöckel NorgeTerje Riders
Deutschland Werner Gheser NorgeTerje Riders


FC Grey Eminence

Palace of Darkness is the arena of FC Grey Eminence. It has a total capacity of 60 000.

  • Total capacity: 60 000
  • Terraces: 37 079
  • Basic seating: 14 807
  • Seats under roof: 6 762
  • Seats in VIP boxes: 1 252

Club History[edit]


Club History[edit]

Season League Latvijas kauss Trophies Top goalscorer Goals
7(22) 2nd in V.107 none none Agris Sūna 10
8(23) 2nd in V.107 2nd round Goldenboot V.gif Agris Sūna 17
9(24) 2nd in V.107 5th round none Renato Cristina 10
10(25) 1st in V.107 4th round Division V.PNG Leen Vooren 16
11(26) 6th in IV.23 5th round none unknown -
12(27) 5th in IV.23 4th round none Bruno Lux 8
13(28) 8th in IV.23 3rd round none unknown -
14(29) 1st in V.193 5th round Division V.PNG Mark Sarau 9
15(30) 8th in IV.49 4th round none unknown -
16(31) 4th in V.149 2nd round none unknown -
17(32) 4th in V.149 2nd round none Marko Kuusela 10
18(33) 4th in V.149 2nd round none Marko Kuusela 7
19(34) 4th in V.149 4th round none unknown -
20(35) 2nd in V.149 4th round none Yiorgos Tournas 8
21(36) 1st in V.149 5th round Division V.PNGGoldenboot V.gif Marko Kuusela 8
22(37) 3rd in IV.43 2nd round none unknown -
23(38) 2nd in IV.43 6th round none unknown -
24(39) 2nd in IV.43 4th round Goldenboot IV.gif Janne Puumalainen 12
25(40) 1st in IV.43 9th round Division IV.PNGGoldenboot IV.gif Janne Puumalainen 15
26(41) 4th in III.11 3rd round none Janne Puumalainen 13
27(42) 8th in III.11 3rd round none unknown -
28(43) 8th in IV.13 5th round none Tãnase Petre 5
29(44) 2nd in V.59 3rd round none Tãnase Petre 8
30(45) 6th in V.59 3rd round none unknown -

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